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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Raya @ Caha's

It's the second week of Aidilfitri. Lots and lots of open house invitations to be filled in this month. And I already kinda surrender to eating Ketupat, Rendang Ayam, Nasi Himpit, Serunding Daging, Pulut Kuning, Rendang Tok, Laksa Johor, Laksa Penang, Kuih Samprit, Biskut Kacang, Tart Nenas, Chocolate Chip Cookies.. and list goes on and on and on..

Had one very important invitation today from Caha. Caha is one of our active OARS friends. Today remarks the first time ene and I set out to the limelight after months of covering our relationship from others. I was kinda worried of what people would think about myself. Would they accept me as before? Would they give me cold stares? I didn't know any of that answers this morning.

Back: Bob, Dev and Caha. Middle: Me, Elle, Munna, Najlaa and Amani. Front: My Dear ene =)
 It turned out that, everybody was quite just the same as before they knew I'm with ene. They didn't even talked about the conflicts. I was just being paranoid.. as usual.

The Girls

More Pictures!

Us Again

All of Us!
Today was the first time I met Najlaa, though. Najlaa is Munna's couzin sister. She has some history with Ajis.. I think. Not sure what the real story is. Just heard from somebody.

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