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Monday, 30 May 2011

Engagement Update: Hantaran (Fruit Tartlets!)

Amy brought something for us today. Mini fruit tartlets! Her sister made it katanya. We were so excited to see it since it was so cute looking tartlets. But then.. it was actually some kind like of an iklan actually.. She told us while smiling, "Kakak Amy buat ni. Satu kotak RM25. Nanti kalau nak order, bagitau la eh.", right after putting the box on the table. We were like.. Amy.. Amy.. just being herself =|

Anyways.. this is what it looks like:

RM25 per box

Cute, right?
 They look nice, aren't they? Come to think about it.. it would be such a pretty hantaran to ene, right? =) I meant, with all these craze about cuppies and maracons, these tartlets aren't that shabby, huh? We can even choose the kind of fruits we want to top the tartlets. And it's delicious, too!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mandi Kapur @ Putrajaya Challenge Park

It's been a month after my birthday. Dah lama tak pergi climbing since my birthday last month. Kebetulan pulak I fell sick on the week of my birthday. So, no celebration, no climbing, no nothing. Just stayed at home manjakan diri dengan bantal. Bummer.

Lain pulak ceritanya kat wall. Rupa-rupanya budak-budak kat wall thought I was hiding from them sebab diorang nak mandikan aku dengan kapur. Hehehe.. At first, I thought I was lucky sebab demam so that I didn't have to go to PCP and mandi kapur. I guess I'm wrong. They waited until today to spray me with chalks!

Look at me! Tak baik tau!

I guess I have to surrender. Can't really run from you guys, can I? Hehe.. takpela.. bagi can laa.. Next year, sorry! Tak dapat, Jang! Whatever it is, thanks Dev, Imran, Bob, Liyana, Ijat, Jaz, Apek and others for celebrating my birthday even though it's in our own climbers way. Love you guys to bits.. :)

Love You, Guys..

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurant, 1-Utama

The usual detink-detink day with ene. We went to our usual spot, 1-Utama. Nothing much to look for.. just went jalan-jalan, accompanying each other.

Then, suddenly hunger strike. So straight we went to Chili's since somebody already told me earlier dinner today will be his treat. Yeayy for that!

We got there around 7pm and the place was full. They made us wait till it was 7.30pm. Then they offered us to sit at the bar.. boleh laa as long as there is a chair to sit. I was kinda worn out from window shopping already by then.

Then, around 8pm, there was one table empty at the dining area. Apa lagi, i went and rushed to the table before anybody could sit there. pheeeww..

Here was what we ordered:
Lamb Chop

ene's. The creamy sauce on top of the mashed potato was so nice. The lamb was marinated till it is just the right taste. And it was so tender.. we ended up swapping dish.. as usual.. I love you, ene =D

Lamb Shank
This is mine. The lamb was tender as well. But not as super-tasty as the lamb chop. Therefore ene, thanks for finishing this for me. Love2!

Beef nachos
This is a must-order item for him. He taught me to eat this. The first time I ate this, I almost fainted (dramatic, I know).

Sunday, 8 May 2011


It's still not her birthday yet. But I was thinking to buy her an advance birthday cake today since everybody else is at home home (Abang came today) so we can celebrate. But, while on the way back from a modelling job, I saw a stall selling Durians. Then, I strucked me. She told me before she really wanted to eat Durians. The season is here, by the way.

"Ma, I'm thinking to buy you a birthday cake. For and advance celebration. But.. would you rather like Durians over a birthday cake?"
"Wow.. mestilah Durian!"

D24 and Udang Merah

 Total damage was about RM110. Oh well.. sekali-sekala for my dear Mama. Love the D24. The flesh was so thick. You'll be full after a third one. Udang Merah wasn't so much my thing. The taste was quite dull to me.

Modeling @ Pameran Pengantin, PICC

Alin called me up yesterday saying she's having some modeling job for a Pameran Pengantin at the PICC, Putrajaya asking me if I wanna take the job. It's a no-pay job with all meals provided. I don't really care about no-pay and stuff. I just love being beautiful and wearing something beautiful with lotsa people looking and taking pictures. Gedik, kan? :) Thinking I don't have anything to do today, I decided to come. It turned out really fun and there were so many people came the the expo looking for the best price for everything regarding weddings. I wonder when can I be in their place.. searching for the grandest dais, looking at all the collections available, findings the best caterer in town. Haihh.. I wished ene could give the date soon. :(

Okay, enough with the sulking. Mari tengok gambar..

Me without makeup

After a Very Dramatic Makeup

All of Us

On The Stage

Dah Settled Stage Session. Phew!

Jalan-Jalan Sekitar Expo Sambil Snap-Snap!

With The Boys

The Witches!

I Just Love This One!

Outdoor Session

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