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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mandi Kapur @ Putrajaya Challenge Park

It's been a month after my birthday. Dah lama tak pergi climbing since my birthday last month. Kebetulan pulak I fell sick on the week of my birthday. So, no celebration, no climbing, no nothing. Just stayed at home manjakan diri dengan bantal. Bummer.

Lain pulak ceritanya kat wall. Rupa-rupanya budak-budak kat wall thought I was hiding from them sebab diorang nak mandikan aku dengan kapur. Hehehe.. At first, I thought I was lucky sebab demam so that I didn't have to go to PCP and mandi kapur. I guess I'm wrong. They waited until today to spray me with chalks!

Look at me! Tak baik tau!

I guess I have to surrender. Can't really run from you guys, can I? Hehe.. takpela.. bagi can laa.. Next year, sorry! Tak dapat, Jang! Whatever it is, thanks Dev, Imran, Bob, Liyana, Ijat, Jaz, Apek and others for celebrating my birthday even though it's in our own climbers way. Love you guys to bits.. :)

Love You, Guys..

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