The Entourage

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Naili's Place, Ampang

Had dinner with a friend of mine today. Been cracking our head where should we go for makan-makan. Was kind of malas to go too far. But there was nothing nice nearby, though. Mamak? So bosan.

Then, she got the idea. Naili's.

Well, there were only two of us actually. But we ended up ordering 4 dishes. Gila ke tak?

Creamy Lasagna RM12.90
This is mine. I've been to Naili's a few times before. But I didn't know they have really superlicious lasagna! Oh my. It was covered with this really creamy sauce. Need to find the recipe. By the way, it's RM12.90.

Not-in-the-menu Coleslaw

We suddenly got the urge to indulge ourselves with those fatty-creamy-straight-to-the-hips food. So, we asked for this coleslaw. It's not even in the menu as usually you need to order something and this will come as the sides. But, since we already have our own dish(es), we just ordered this as ala-carte. (Didn't even know the price, bill settled by this good friend of mine =) )

Hers. Nothing to shout about, though..

Seafood Pizza
Just plain chuck-it-in-the-microwave kinda pizza. Around RM9 kot the price. Couldn't really remember..
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