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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Huda Got Hitched!

Huda got engaged today. =)

Looking all nice and pretty, she wears white from head to toe. Love the make up she put on. Natural look. And I completely forgot that we are never gonna hang out all three of us together again after this..

The three stooges
We got there around 11.30am. Quite early since we wanted to spend time with her for a while before the event begins. Met some of Huda's friends that we never know their names of but definitely familiar faces. Luckily, I didn't come alone.

Forgot her name ler..
Not sure whose kid this was, but her surely a smart kid. Really talkative and he will always has answer for every questions you ask. Even though it was just a ridiculous answer =p Epic cute. Wished I could've a baby this smart.

Look how he squirms to get off me

She got her rings around 1.30pm. It was a nice double white gold ring. Wished we could've snapped some pictures of it.

Happy Engagement, My Dear Huda!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Raya @ Azila's

Another open house invitation today. The open house that I've been waiting for.


Today remarks the first time Azila is going to meet up with my new beau, ene. I'm not that worried since I know she will approve him. You know why? Because she has never really liked the old one =p So, I'm not that stressed out this time.

From Left: Yuyu, Me and Azila
We fixed the time with Yuyu and Eiji so that they will come just the same time as us. The more the merrier.

Me and Yuyu with her signature pout =p

With Azila

Double Trouble with Ngah

Double Trouble with Azila

Us <3
Thanks for the very very very nice Laksa Johor, Ngah, Kee and Azila! Will come back again for that. And I mean it! =D
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