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Monday, 31 December 2012

Click Sini!


 Phewwwww... finally the contagious epidemic is gone. Alhamdulillah.. terselamat sudahnya blog aku yang tak seberapa ni. Tapi bloglist dan kawan-kawan yang aku dok follow pulak tak selamat. Habis semua hilang. Uwaa.. So kepada kawan-kawanku, sudilah kiranya korang tinggalkan jejak korang di sini ye untuk senang aku follow korang balik. Sorry yang teramat sorry kepada semua. Raya nanti datang laa rumah aku belanje kuih samprit.

Thanks a bunch, guys!

Friday, 28 December 2012

The Most Precious New Year Present

This kid.

He has grown to be a wise young man. An honest, confident and a good-natured man. In a few hours, I will become his wife. He will become my husband. My one and only. Alhamdulillah, finally our 4-years love will not go to waste. Allah brought us together in a very mysterious way. I thank Allah for bringing you to me.

I'm finally becoming your halal.

Alhamdulillah. :)

Friday, 21 December 2012

Love Over Hate


It's been such a harsh month for me actually. All these while, wedding preparation has been quite easy breezy for me, my family and ene. But  lotsa problems surfaced lately. Betul-betul tinggal lagi sebulan nak kawen, macam-macam hal yang jadi. Sebelum tu, okay je. Oh well, I guess that's the downside of preparing for a wedding. You will never get a peace of mind selagi tak settle semua majlis. Kan?

Alhamdulillah.. everything settled without any tarik-tarik rambut scene. I'm thankful for having them as my parents who always try to protect me from any harm and difficulties. Even aku dah besar panjang cani. They will always be my No. 1 supporters through thick and thin. Abah, Mama, I love you both :)

And ene. He's the strongest person I've ever met in my life. If it wasn't for him, I might've called off the wedding now. Yupp.. it's that bad. :) Alhamdulillah, he proved it that he is the one for me. No matter how stressful I was, he was always calming and comforting (eventhough it was only on YM and Skype). Tak tau macam mana dia bule stay so calm even though he's getting the pressure as well. And a lot more. Thank you Bf for always being my saviour (I love you even more). Thank you for always try to keep my spirit high (Yepp, you did it :) ). And thank you for never stop believing in me. You gave me strength. I owe you one. :)

We're getting married! :DDD

Isn't It Beautiful? :')
p/s: Babe, thanks for being there for me as well. You know who you're. :)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Pearls & Budak Sebok


Pada suatu hari, aku baru lepas balik dari amik stock pearls. Tengah aku kira-kira baper utas yang aku dah amik, datang lah seekor raksasa menyebok.

Mula-mula nak berlakon baik. Dia baring-baring je kat sebelah sambil capai-capai pearls tu sket.

Lepas tu dia mula tarik-tarik pearls tu bagi dekat sket dengan dia.

Lepas tu geram punya pasal dia start gigit-gigit pearls aku tu.

Dan lagi. Perangai semakin menggila.

Dan lagi. Sudahnya semakin jauh dia bawak pearls tu. 

Ni laa dia raksasa sebok terlampau tu. Takleh tengok aku buat kerja. Mesti nak sebok sekali kat situ.

Nak tau apa projek aku dengan pearls ni? Tunggu aku review lepas kawen :)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Reception Update: Durukan Dah Sampai!


Thanks kepada kawan-kawan yang comment bagi idea kat mana aku bule contact untuk buat henna time wedding nanti. Tak sempat lagi nak reply cakap thank you. Kat sini aku nak cakap,


Okay, dah sampai. Dah bule masuk dalam bakul untuk diberi kepada kanak-kanak di majlis aku nanti. :)

Satu balang ada 56 pcs. Dua balang, you do the math. Kat tengah-tengah lollipop ni adalah chewing gum. Weeee! Nak? Meh datang wedding aku :D

Baca kat sini cane aku beli benda manis ini :)

Monday, 17 December 2012

Help! :(

Ada sape-sape tak yang ada contact orang yang bule lukis inai/henna pengantin? Tamo laa mahal-mahal sangat. Dan yang bule datang ke rumah. Hari tu dah tanya Norish Keberg, tak paham sangat kenapa tiba-tiba dia tak nak layan msg aku. Kot ye dah penuh, bagitau je. Bukan aku nak marah pun. Bule laa aku start mencari-cari alternative lain. Sedih betul bila orang buat aku macam ni.

Kepada cik-cik bakal pengantin dan puan-puan yang telah menjadi pengantin.. sila tolooongggggg.. Lagi 11 hari je lagi ni :(

Friday, 14 December 2012

Happy 29th Birthday, Boyfie!


This entry was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I just couldn't stop my-excited-eager-thrilled-self from posting an entry about our honeymoon plan. So here goes.

Yesterday was ene's 29th birthday. (Yupp.. he's 8 months younger than his galfriend. Duh). Happy birthday, dear Boyfie. Sorry lambat post entry pasal awak (in case you're reading :p). Since we're so far apart, memang tak dapat laa nak celebrate birthday sama-sama as usual.. and we promised each other no presents this year. Presents semua dah letak atas dulang. 29th December nanti dapat laa hadiah masing-masing :p

So being me, I still want to surprise him with something hehe. I don't know about you guys. But nowadays memang aku rasa dah lama sangat tak dapat or bagi birthday cards. Every year, birthday wishes comes from Facebook, Twitter and other electronic medium. No more hardcopy wishes. Boring.

So I decided to find him a nice birthday card (dah lama sangat rasanya nak masuk Hallmark Cards) and send it to him (with hope the card will reach him just on time for his birthday). And I got what I've wished for. The card reached him just a day before his birthday! Alhamdulillah. And yess, he was soooo surprised to receive the card. Not to forget, happy! He was on a conference call at that particular time tapi sempat jugak menyelit ym me and told me about the card. Serius rasa nak nangis :)

Just want you to know that I love you so much and I can't wait to start a new chapter with you. I do hope we will be together forever, Insya Allah.

p/s: Tahun terakhir awak celebrate sebagai orang bujang. Enjoy! :D

Thursday, 13 December 2012



Some good news from ene. He's going to get one whole week off from work after our wedding! *Dancing Dancing* Thanks to his big boss in Singapore granting him an extra 3 days marriage leave. Weeeeeee.. Alhamdulillah. Allah je tau how happy I am. Dia pun happy jugak. Tiba-tiba je dia jadi sangat excited planning our honeymoon. Tak pernah-pernah tengok dia that enthusiastic in planning our honeymoon. Sebelum-sebelum ni, he just layankan aje bila aku cite-cite my plans in Hong Kong.

He apologized for that. Katanya macam sedih sebenarnya bila tak dapat bawak aku jalan-jalan sangat. Now bila cuti dah confirmed, baru laa dia rasa sangat excited nak gi honeymoon. Weee!

So since dah cuti panjang, banyak laa plan yang kena disusun kat sana nanti. At first the plan was to stay at his place then we move around to and fro to any place we wanted to visit, since dia memang dah ada rumah kat sana kan. I've always wanted to go to Disneyland and he knew it very well. And Disneyland is quite far from his place. Then suddenly he had an idea to stay in a hotel. Katanya, baru laa rasa honeymoon. Kalau dok rumah je, baik takyah gi honeymoon. Hehe.. up to you laa sayang.. I know you want me to be happy. :)

Click Here To Go To The Interactive Map

Mula-mula tengok hotels inside Disneyland. Ada dua. One is Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and another one is Disney's Hollywood Hotel. Memang cantik. And cheapest rate would be the latter, priced at HKD$2,000 per night on weekdays. That's around RM800. Dua malam dah berapa. So ene decided to find cheaper hotels nearby and then duit extra tu bule bagi bini dia pergi shopping. At least nampak jugak barang kan.

Oh I forgot to mention. Around Disneyland area ada this shopping outlets mall yang murah katanya yang sangat besar dan gah yang bakal mengosongkan wallet ene aku. Can't wait for that too.

Novotel Hong Kong Citygate

After browsing around, ene decided to stay in Novotel Hong Kong, Citygate. Just a station away from Disneyland (Weee!) and only within walking distance to the shopping area. Lepas penat-penat shopping, bule balik jap tido, then keluar balik sambung shopping. Ahaks! Priced at HKD$1,300 and that's about RM520 per night. Kami amik dua malam terus!

The Lobby

The Pool! :D

The Room ;)

ene had just booked the room and settled the payment. As for me, I just can't wait for our honeymoon. Having to spend time with him after all these months apart from each other.. exploring new places.. trying out new cuisine.. it's a dream come true. Alhamdulillah.. berhoneymoon jugak kami. Thank you love :)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Solemnization Update: Teaser Veil Nikah



Hari tu aku ada cite pasal veil nikah aku dah siap. Tapi tak sempat nak tepek gambar. Ini dia veil aku yang dah complete. Yeayy! Kalau nak tengok yang masih dalam proses, click sini. Alhamdulillah.. siap! Lebihan batu permata ni aku tampal pulak kat kasut. Over kan Haha!

Sorry laa bukan saje-saje nak teaser ni, tapi memang sebab takde masa nak mengarang banyak-banyak sekarang ni. 16 hari laaaaagi. Lepas kaweng aku review habis-habisan ye. As for now, enjoy the teasersss! :DDD

As usual, siapa-siapa nak custom made baju, veil, tudung, selendang, do contact me ya! Email me at or simply SMS 0129198861. 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Wedding Update: Teaser Baju Malam Berinai

Dah siap!

Basic Dress Without Beads adn Pearls

Pheww.. setelah jenuh menanti, siap jugak baju malam berinai aku. Sebenarnya tak plan pun malam berinai ni. Mulanya kain ni nak buat mock dress untuk dress nikah aku. Tapi since dah siap pun baju ni, buat je laa malam berinai. Aunty-aunty aku pun sibuk nak suruh buat malam berinai. Diorang nak bergambar-gambar. So layankan saje..

Beads and pearls belum tambah lagi. Nak kena pasang lace untuk baju nikah dulu. Lepas settle baju nikah, baru aku start dengan projek ni pulak. Ni pun untuk malam berinai je. Kalau tak sempat pun, bule laa pakai begitu sahaja with accesories and stuff. Yang penting baju nikah, ye tak? :D

Friday, 7 December 2012

3D Crest White Strips


Thanks Kina!

Dah sampai!

Hari tu ada email Kina tanya pasal benda alah ni. Dah lama dok baca review-review B2B yang dah pakai. Review sumanya kata memang berkesan. So bila dah dekat-dekat tarikh ni, terus ler place order kat Kina. So semalam baru sampai package sakti yang akan mencantikkan dan memutihkan gigi aku ini. Ekekeke.

Malam ni bule dah bule start pakai. Sehingga laa malam yang ke-14. Pastu ene balik Mesia nanti, bule eksyen kat dia gigi aku lagi putih dari dia. Huh.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fabric Handbouquet: Order From Amira


Yeayy.. handbouquet untuk Kak Amira dah siap! Alhamdulillah.. dalam rushing-rushing aku nak menyiapkan preparation kawen aku sendiri, ada lagi terselit order dari orang. Hehe.. tq Kak Amira for your trust. Handbouquet ni sebenarnya dah dihantar ke tuan barunya malam tadi. Hari ni baru sempat nak upload hehe.

Kak Amira nak guna hand bouquet ni untuk hari tunangnya minggu depan. Dia nak sebijik macam hand bouquet masa tunang aku, cuma warna dan size je yang bertukar. Dia nak size L dan theme kalernya adalah pink and purple. Your wish is my command, kak! :)

Sape-sape yang berkenan nak order hand bouquet, as for now order dah tutup ye. Akan dibuka semula bulan January nanti. Any enquiries just email or simply sms/call 0129198861.

See ya, lovelies! :D

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Laduree, Paris!


Okay, I promised this will be the last. Pasni tak shopping dah! *Berjanji dengan diri sendiri*


Cantik tak? Cantik gila kan! Kiut sesangat sampai geram. Try laa cakap korang tak geram. Confirm tipu ekekeke.

Sweet Pink!

Rambang mata aku nak memilih yang mana satu. Sudahnya pink jugak yang aku pilih. Haha.. Pompuan habis!

Sour Plum! 

Kaler ni pun cantik jugak kan?


Adik aku suruh belikan dia ni. Belikan? Err..

Classic Chocolate!

Tengok kaler-kaler macho gini mesti teringat kat ene. Tapi nak belikan macam.. takyah ler. Bukan dia appreciate pun. Sudahnya dia tanya, "Err.. nak buat apa ni?" :p 

The Range of Flavours

My love for macarons adalah sejak dari azalinya. Sangat-sangat suka sampai hantaran tunang untuk ene pun aku bagi macarons. So bila masa aku dapat tau yang aku kena pergi Paris last year, memang aku dah target untuk cari Laduree sampai dapat. By hook or by crook. Nak jugak rasa the infamous Laduree kan. Masa tu memang heaven gila laa dapat makan. Tapi sekarang ni kat Malaysia pun dah senang nak dapat.. Mana-mana pun ada jual. bezanya cuma sedap dengan tak sedap je :p

Sampai Jugak Akhirnya!

Meh aku tepek sket gambar tahun lepas kat Paris masa aku berjaya jumpa Laduree. Nak mencari tu alahai susahnya. Nak tanya orang, suma dok cakap perancih. Lalu kami pun ikut map saje. Memang melompat-lompat laa kan bila sampai betul-betul kat depan kedai.

Banyak Gila Choice of Macaron Towers!

Niat dihati nak beli sekotak then duduk kat Eiffel Park munching macarons sambil melihat keindahan kota Paris. Sangat best feeling nya. Malangnya mahal bebenor macarons ni untuk dibeli sekotak. Lalu kami beli ler sorang 3 pieces. Ekekeke. Cukup laa sekadar untuk merasa makan macarons di Paris. Alhamdulillah :)

Monday, 3 December 2012

Wedding Update: Bamboo Charcoal Body Suit


I think I’m officially addicted to online shopping. Erghh.

Mintak-Mintak Laa Kurus Pasnih! Amin!

This bamboo charcoal body suit macam dah lama jugak terpampang-pampang di website-website discount coupons ni. Kat groupon ada, kat Mydeal ada, kat Milkadeal pun ada. Tapi the price varies. Ada yang RM28, and ada gak yang sampai RM45 per suit.

Bendanya sama je. Model sama, rupa baju tu pun sama. So of course ler aku amik yang murah kan. Ekeke. Saje je beli ni. Konon-konon nak bagi firm ler badan ni. Dulu aku active climbing, so badan memang akan firm dengan sendiri. Skang ni only Yoga and running. Running pun dah bape lama tak pergi. I blame it on the weather. Haish. Tinggal laa yoga je. Tu pun asik terlepas je class disebabkan kebusyan wedding preparation. Cane? K

Tak sabar nak tunggu barang sampai. Lepas tu nak pakai terus :p

Friday, 30 November 2012

Johor Premium Outlets!

...28 DAYS TO GO!

Aduh duh duhhh.. banyak sangat ni cerita yang nak di-entri-kan.. but too little time ler.. haish.. sabar ye kawan-kawan.. akan ku upload kan sedikit demi sedikit.. kalau terbackdate sket takpelaa kan? Sekadar untuk simpan sebagai kenangan dalam blog aku ni..

Gambar Yang Ni From Google Je Ye. Too Excited Nak Shopping Sampai Lupa Nak Snap Gambar.

Trip pergi JPO ni adalah trip time aku pergi wedding Azila hari tu kat Pontian. Memang dari KL dah ternanti-nanti time nak berkunjung ke tempat yang serba murah ni. Sebenarnya dari time dapat tau Azila nak kawen lagi dah plan dengan kroni-kroni ekekek. Sebab dah alang-alang sangat kan. Pontian dengan Kulaijaya tu tak jauh nanti, memang you have to pass by Kulaijaya ler kalau nak ke Pontian tu. Aku pulak memang tak pernah sampai. Dari zaman ene ada kat sini lagi selalu ajak dia. Dia pun sangat-sangat laa teringin. Tapi takde kesempatan sangat. Ada je aral yang melintang.

Finally tahun ni dapat gak aku pergi. Memang simpan duit singgit sehari nak pergi JPO nih ahahaha.

Linda & Hany With Their Catch

Gambar tak banyak aku snap. Sebab too busy mencari good deals. Masalahnya semua kedai aku masuk semuanya good deals. Pening kami. :|

Linda Siap Beli Beg Tarik Sebab Dah Tak Larat Nak Pegang Banyak-Banyak Paperbags. Haish.. Linda.

Kat sini siap ada foodcourt yang besar. Gambar makan takde pulak sebab lapo benor. Lepas habis shopping semua, singgah ler makan kat situ. Hte food is not bad. Not that expensive either. Just like any other food court. But the place is nice. Cantik. Choice pun sangat banyak. Rambang mata jadinya.

Bag Orange Yang Paling Depan Tu Je Hantaran Untuk ene. Lain Aku Punya Muahaahhaa!

Overall, what I can say is.. barang-barang dia memang murah dari market/mall price. Everything is slashed up until 50%-70% discount. Memang gila laa kalau korang datang sini. But kalau nak datang sebenarnya timing mesti kena. Most of the item yang cantik dan murah memang cepat je habis size. Banyak benda yang aku pegang yang dah takde size aku. It's either too smal or too big. But no harm coming and browsing. You never know what you'll find. :)

The Newleywed :)

Dari siang santak ler sampai ke malam kami kat sana. Berpusing-pusing macam orang gila. But the bargain memang to-die-for. Sangat murah. Kira kalau korang nak pergi sana just for the sake of shopping pun, memang sangat lah berbaloi. Macam terpikir jugak nak pergi lagi. Told ene about it. Tapi ene suruh bawak bersabar dulu. Dia tau bini dia dah dekat-dekat gila kat sini. :p

Dah Malam Baru Sempat Nak Snap. Bye JPO.. See You  Soon! :D

ene told me about this one factory outlet just like this kat Hong Kong, only bigger. Most Malaysians yang pergi sana semua cakap it's waaaaay cheaper than JPO. Hmm.. should check that out. And should save RM1 sehari juga sebelum pergi sana. Tapi tinggal sebulan je lagi before our honeymoon. Cane? :|

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Whacky Wednesday Sale!

...29 DAYS TO GO!

Selalunya if I received those promo sales ke apa, I just flipped it through. Tak rajin sangat nak baca. Tapi bila tengok the knockdown price, RM10 je for all items??? Homaaaaiii… macam tak percaya! Dah laa banyak jugak benda yang aku memang tengah cari tu on sale. Apa lagi. Terus aku click selaju-lajunya kat link. Cepat korang pulak klik! :p

Sudahnya.. dari nak beli hanya satu barang, terus terbeli lima barang. Huwaaaa. Bf, tamo marah saya. I know, saving is important. But I just can’t help it :(

Watch Box For ene, OP: RM79.

Since he got his beloved Oris watch for hantaran, he’s so crazy about safe keeping and maintaining his watch. Saw him looking at some watch boxes behind the glass once or twice while we were out shopping. But the price, masha Allah. Macam boleh beli jam lagi satu. So I bought him this watch box. Cheap, but I guess this would make him happy, I hope :) Yup of course the watch comes with its own box, but I guess spending some money for him won’t harm, right? :)

Mouse For Abah, OP: RM35

Been eyeing at this pretty cool mouse for a while. Love the shape. Smart, kan? Very flat! Ada je sebenarnya mouse kat umah tu. Saje beli untuk letak kat our Metro Driving Academy’s office. Abah mesti suka. He just love collecting Airline’s merchandise :p

AirAsia Graffiti Cap (Red) For Irfan, OP: RM59

My youngest brother Irfan is a fanatic of Graffiti. Gila sangat dengan Graffiti. Not just gila, he can really draw Graffiti! And he’s the only one in the family that inherits the artistic skill from Abah. Both of them are really good with drawings! Masa SPM dulu Abah laa yang banyak tolong buat projek aku ekekeke!

AirAsia India Graffiti Cap (Black) For Didi, OP: RM59

Saje beli extra sebab both caps are sangat smart! Kan? Dan murah opkosss. Planning to give this one to my second brother, Didi. Hope he likes it J

Makeup Brush Set (6-pcs) For My Dear Self :) OP: RM69

This one of course laa untuk diri sendiri kan.. Sebenarnya aku dok tengok-tengok brush sets yang jual-jual kat Groupon, Mydeal, Milkadeal, you name what website. Banyak jugak laa skang. Ranging from RM29 sampai laa ke RM110. I actually love this one particular set from Bobby Brown. 24-pcs sets only for RM95! Murah kan. Bobby brown kot! Tapi sebenarnya aku agak skeptical of buying branded things through these kinds of websites. Tak tau authenticitynya guane. Sebab murah sangat. Terus jadi skeptical. Tapi lain orang, lain ragam laa kan :D Alang-alang takde brand, belasah je beli cop AirAsia. RM10 saje! Puas hati. Cukup laa 6-pcs for my own personal use. Bukan nak jadik makeup artist pung.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tiket Murah!

...30 DAYS TO GO!

Sape-Sape Yang Tak Grab Lagi, Grab Them Fast! :DDD

AirAsia 11th anniversary is coming really soon! It's next week! Email invitation for the party pun dah keluar. It's gonna be at the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach this year and the theme is Mardi Gras! Weee! Bikini dan nenas di atas kepala ke nanti? Ekekeke :p

Everybody knows when there are anniversaries (regardless AirAsia or AirAsia X), there will be nice promos going on. Anybody manage to grab any cheap tickets? I did. TIGA lagi! Hahaha. Tamak hokey. Suma date murah aku grab.

And yesss.. it's dirt cheap! Only RM0.11! It's in the conjunction of AirAsia 11th birthday laa of course.. sebab tu laa RM0.11. Route? Mana lagi.. harus laa Hong Kong. Tanggungjawab tau melawat suami :p Yeah, yeah, I know.. I got cheap tickets whenever I fly with staff rate. Tapi yang ni gila murah weii. Cheaper than staff rate okay! Tuh yang tak tahan tu. Geram sangat, terus score hatrick! :p

Since I'll be frequently flying to and fro Hong Kong next year. So the cheaper, the better laa kan. Told ene about the sale and dia pun okay je. Dia yang suruh borong pun if I ever came across any cheapo tickets to Hong Kong. Sian dia keseorangan kat sana :) All in all, tiga-tiga tickets yang aku dapat, aku hanya bayar RM77.11 each je to Hong Kong. Murah, kan? Even staff rate pun dah seratus lebih tau.

Tapi time aku beli tu kan. Ada incident berlaku. Sebenarnya aku beli empat tickets. The last one tu untuk ene balik sini. But agaknya terlalu excited meng-grab tickets, aku sudah tersalah masuk destination. Uwaaaa! Instead of Hkg-Kul, aku pergi masukkan Kul-Hkg. Nak bagitau ene sangat takut kena marah masa tu. Slow-slow je bagitau dia. Fuhh.. nasib baik dia tak marah pun. Just be more careful next time.. tuh je dia cakap. Weee. Alhamdulillah. Sorry Bf. Pasni, I'll be exxxtra careful. 

Haish. Burn satu ticket. Pasrah :|

Monday, 26 November 2012

Dealmates: Slim Patch

Another 32 days to go!

...and another necessary action taken before the wedding day.

Yep.. it is a necessary action.

People might think I'm paranoid buying those slimming programs/treatments and stuff. But I know exactly what I want and how it's going to be. I'm doing everything that might help me lose weight before the big day. Plus it's cheap! RM40 a box. Thanks Dealmates! :p

Hope this works. Huwarghhh.

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Wedding Night

We'll be spending our wedding night in the middle of hustle and bustle of KL. Abah sponsor anak dan bakal menantu dia to stay at a one-room suite at the Fahrenheit Suites! Weee... thanks, abah! Love you to the end of time! Well, actually Fahrenheit Suites is under Berjaya Vacation Club and Abah is a member. So dia sponsor ler 3 hari duduk kat sana lepas reception day. Untuk rest and relax, katanya ekeke.

We'll be checking in on the 29th of Dec right after nikah but we won't be staying in for the night. Check in and amik kunci je. Mana boleh. Kena tunggu lepas reception. Ekeke. Most probably me and my girls will be staying there for the night. Senang sket dah berkumpul in one place. Nak brief apa-apa yang patut di buat untuk hari reception esoknya. Pagi esoknya barulah ene datang and bersiap kat situ. Aku pun mekap kat situ jugak. Cantik sket gambar nanti ekeke. Over betul. Whatever it is, I do hope everything goes out as planned. Amin.

Sebenarnya family aku selalu datang saje-saje duduk kat sini on weekends. Just a short getaway orang kata. To rest and unwind. Sebab kat sini facilities dia sangatlah complete. Gym. Sauna. Steam Room. Swimming pool. Squash court. Siap ada convenience store lagi. But buat apa nak pergi convenience store tu. Just turun je lift, and you'll find yourself in the middle of Fahrenheit 88. Jalan sket lagi, you'll reach Star Hill. Jalan skeeet lagi, dah jumpa Pavilion. Heeee.

But the moment yang paling aku tak sabar nak tunggu is.. we get to celebrate 2013 new year's eve as husband and wife in the most happening spot in KL! :) Dah lama tak bersesak-sesak kat Bukit Bintang celebrate new year. 2013 boleh merasa bersesak semula, tapi dengan my beloved hubster. Tak dosa kan.. tak dosa! :p

Seronok jugak kawen betul-betul hujung tahun ni :p

Should Try One Of These Middle Eastern Restaurants

Bestnyaa Nak Ngopi-ngopi Dengan Suami Tercinta :p

And Breakfast As Well!

Tak Pernah Try Lagi. Bulan Depan Bule Try! :D

Dah berangan-angan ni. Tak sabar nak siapkan suma preps!
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