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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Grand Steamboat Garden, Taipan

We suddenly had the urge of having steamboat for dinner tonight. Ngah, Kee and Azila invited me to dinner. We met at the Petronas somewhere in Subang and we convoyed to the restaurant since we came in different cars.

I'm that familiar with this part of town (call me rookie). It's Taipan and it's in Subang. We were so hungry by the time we got to the place. It's a steamboat buffet (yeay!) but instead of serving the steamboat items on big trays, they served it on a conveyor belt like the one you see in Sushi King and Sakae Sushi.

The Goodness on the Conveyor Belt
The place is quite clean. But, nothing really fancy. Just plain tables and seats diner style. The layout design is quite similar to Sushi King.

Kee and I at the Table
But best thing is, you get your own cute pot of soup! There are four small pot at each table. You get to choose your own soup and you won't fight with others stealing your steamboat from the pot!

Our Soups
There are five types of soups to choose from. You may refer the level of spiciness in the sequence. Note also the warning, not to waste food, otherwise you'll be paying for it. There was also this nosy caring lady going on rounds giving warnings advice and making sure we don't waste the food. Scary..

Variety of Soups Available Here

And Mine was Tomyam of Course =D
Took a lot of pictures that evening. So, enjoy! =)

Azila and I Doing What We Do Best!
We started digging in once we got to the table. Too many steamboats to choose from the belt! Prawn.. prawn.. prawn.. come to mamaaaa!

The Love-to-Eat Girls

The Lovely Couple
My Makan Buddy.
Ngah Enjoying Her Fried Noodle

Look at the Piled Up Plates Beside Me
FYI: That plates weren't just mine, okayy. They purposely piled it up beside me just to take pictures and show it to ene how greedy I am while having a meal. Jahat, kan?

You're already thin, Azila. Eat More, Puhleasee!
She's going through a hard time. Look how much weight she has lost. And yet she still doesn't eat that much. I'm always with you, Love.. You can always cry on my shoulder, okay?

The Dessert
This is the only dessert they have there. Pity they didn't have other condiments to go with the ice-cream.

The Eat All You Can Promotion:
Set Lunch - from RM7.80
Buffet Dinner - RM26.80 nett (per Adult), RM16.30 nett (per Child)
Every Monday (Student Night) - RM23 (flash your student ID)
Wednesday (Ladies Night) - RM23
Family Promo - For every 2 Adults, 1 Child eats FREE.

You can also read some reviews here and also here.
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