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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Huda Got Hitched!

Huda got engaged today. =)

Looking all nice and pretty, she wears white from head to toe. Love the make up she put on. Natural look. And I completely forgot that we are never gonna hang out all three of us together again after this..

The three stooges
We got there around 11.30am. Quite early since we wanted to spend time with her for a while before the event begins. Met some of Huda's friends that we never know their names of but definitely familiar faces. Luckily, I didn't come alone.

Forgot her name ler..
Not sure whose kid this was, but her surely a smart kid. Really talkative and he will always has answer for every questions you ask. Even though it was just a ridiculous answer =p Epic cute. Wished I could've a baby this smart.

Look how he squirms to get off me

She got her rings around 1.30pm. It was a nice double white gold ring. Wished we could've snapped some pictures of it.

Happy Engagement, My Dear Huda!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Raya @ Azila's

Another open house invitation today. The open house that I've been waiting for.


Today remarks the first time Azila is going to meet up with my new beau, ene. I'm not that worried since I know she will approve him. You know why? Because she has never really liked the old one =p So, I'm not that stressed out this time.

From Left: Yuyu, Me and Azila
We fixed the time with Yuyu and Eiji so that they will come just the same time as us. The more the merrier.

Me and Yuyu with her signature pout =p

With Azila

Double Trouble with Ngah

Double Trouble with Azila

Us <3
Thanks for the very very very nice Laksa Johor, Ngah, Kee and Azila! Will come back again for that. And I mean it! =D

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Raya @ Caha's

It's the second week of Aidilfitri. Lots and lots of open house invitations to be filled in this month. And I already kinda surrender to eating Ketupat, Rendang Ayam, Nasi Himpit, Serunding Daging, Pulut Kuning, Rendang Tok, Laksa Johor, Laksa Penang, Kuih Samprit, Biskut Kacang, Tart Nenas, Chocolate Chip Cookies.. and list goes on and on and on..

Had one very important invitation today from Caha. Caha is one of our active OARS friends. Today remarks the first time ene and I set out to the limelight after months of covering our relationship from others. I was kinda worried of what people would think about myself. Would they accept me as before? Would they give me cold stares? I didn't know any of that answers this morning.

Back: Bob, Dev and Caha. Middle: Me, Elle, Munna, Najlaa and Amani. Front: My Dear ene =)
 It turned out that, everybody was quite just the same as before they knew I'm with ene. They didn't even talked about the conflicts. I was just being paranoid.. as usual.

The Girls

More Pictures!

Us Again

All of Us!
Today was the first time I met Najlaa, though. Najlaa is Munna's couzin sister. She has some history with Ajis.. I think. Not sure what the real story is. Just heard from somebody.


Saturday, 20 September 2008

Iftar @ Planet Hollywood

Pheww.. the night is finally over!

Went for berbuka puasa with ene today. But not just ene, with his friends as well! Omg.. I was so nervous.

This is the first time I'm meeting his friends. He told me to be calm. I am. Just that, I feel a bit self-consious.. or should I say inferior because they know exactly about the whole story of how ene and I met. I know we shouldn't take into account of what people said about us. But.. I still do, sometimes. I couldn't stop thinking what would they say behing my back. Oh well.. iLa and her paranoia..

While waiting for the table

We got there around 6.30pm and it was full with people. Everybody wanted to get their hands on the scrumptious menu. So, we had to wait about half an hour for a table. And how lucky we were, we got this really nice diner-style table near the stairs.

Sorry.. the pic resolution's not that good.

There were eight of us, altogether. 3 couples and 2 non-couples. Hehe. They were Yus and Ennie, Coben (what a weird name, huh? Must be the nickname from school. They have a lot of really odd nicknames back then..) and Nat and the solos were Ajis and Ahaw (this one's also weird. Must ask ene how'd they got their nicks).

From left: Ahaw, Ennie & Yus (the couple) and ene & I (the couple also =p)

I got quite an acquaintance with his friends. I was thinking they might give me cold stares or might not talk to me and stuff. Boy, I was wrong. They were really friendly. And not to mention, funny! Like reaaaaaally funny. I didn't stop laughing that night.

From left: Nat & Coben (the couple) and Ajis & Ahaw (the singles)

I didn't take any pictures of the food there although they looked quite irresistible. Part of it I was kinda shy with them as I just met them for the first time (I don't want people to say I'm a crazy bitch with a camera snapping here and there). Part of it was because I was too hungry breaking fast I forgot to take any pictures.

Below are the pictures of the singles.. any takers?



This is self-shot =p
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