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Monday, 11 January 2010

Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant

Spent time with Azila, Kee and Ngah the whole day today. Went to their house just to lepak-lepak at first. Then, suddenly Kee and Ngah invited me to join them for dinner at a seafood restaurant called Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant in Pulau Carey. Read about it here, there and everywhere. =p (Ohh.. almost forgot to mention, they've always liked to invite me to a makan-makan session because I love to eat, who doesn't?).

Ohh.. I got my Farmville t-shirt finally! Yeay for that! Ngah and Kee bought for themselves as well. They bought a lot of things anyways, mugs and stuff. I really love mine because it's kinda long. Long t-shirts makes me feel slimmer =p And love the sleeves too. It reminds me the kinda t-shirts I used to have when I was in my schooling days. Take a look..

The three Farm-Villains
Aren't they cute? Two black sheeps and an ugly duckling.

So, we left their home around 5.30pm. We needed to get there earlier because dinnertime (around 7pm onwards) is usually packed with people. The journey took about 1 hours plus (Seri Kembangan and Carey Island is really far, okay).

Don't know what else to do in the car
What?? It was such a long journey, okay!
We were lucky to get a table. It was quite a big table, though. 8 people will fit perfectly. Since there were no other smaller table, that will have to do.

Just ordered. More pictures!

That's garlic, chili and soy sauce, peeps!

Waiting.. waiting..
Ohh.. finally the dishes have arrived! We ordered four types of seafood + Khailan with Oyster Sauce.

Stir Fry Bamboo Lala with Oyster Sauce & Stir Fry Khailan with Oyster Sauce
I've always love Bamboo Lala. But this one is quite tough. But the sauce was quite tasty to eat with rice (and not to forget, the garlic + chili + soy sauce!) The Khailan was just plain Khailan Goreng.

Buttered Tiger Prawns - Dry style
Okay, here comes my favourite. I can't wait for this. The prawns, eventhough they were big in size, but it wasn't tough at all. They cooked it just until right. Love the powdery-like butter as well. Salty, but I love it!

Marmite Crab
This came next. Not a big fan of crabs (because of the hard shell) so I didn't really get a good taste at it. But, it sure looks nice, don't they? How does Marmite taste exactly, anyway?

Assam Pedas Garuppa
This was our last dish that came to the table. This Assam Pedas Garuppa (Sour and Spicy Garuppa) tasted different from Malay's Assam Pedas. It has this Chinese signature's taste to it. I can't explain it. You have to try both Chinese and Malay Assam Pedas to know the difference. =) Didn't eat the fish as I don't like fish. But I had a lot of the gravy which was delicious to eat with my rice.

Us. With all of the dishes ready.

Can't wait to dig in!

Thank you loads, Ngah!

Love you til the end, Lala!
We were so full by this time. Luckily it was a loose t-shirt I was wearing (Can't breathe.. Helpp!). Thanks so much you guys for bringing me here. I've never known there was this nice seafood place here. And I didn't even get to see the bill. They settled it without asking me to chip-in. Semoga Murah Rezeki, you guys! Love you all!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Pasta LOVErs!

Gonna share something cute today. Ngah just got back from her Eurotrip. She bought some nice cookery thingy as well. She asked me to come over pancing me telling she's cooking pasta. I was so surprised when I finally got a look on the pasta.

Bolognaise LOVERs, anyone?
They are heart-shaped! So cute, right? I've never seen anything like this in Malaysia. She bought the pasta while she was in Italy. I could have asked her to buy some for me as well if I knew they were this pretty!
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