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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Breakfast @ Work

It's Thurday. Another day go to then it's gonna be weekend. Can't wait!

White Bread Pizza by Baya
Baya brought this to the office today. It's like the pizza bun we can get at the bakery, only she used white bread instead. Quite tasty, I should say. If only it was served hot with more toppings, I would've eaten more than five three.

Thanks for bringing us this lovely breakfast, Baya! :)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Banana Leaf Rice, Kanna Curry House

Suddenly got a pang of addiction of Banana Leaf Rice. My makan-makan buddy came today for a cuppa coffee, instead I urge him to go find Banana Leaf Rice. And.. he said yes. Oh boy.. if only I was single, I would truly fell in love with you! =D

So, off we went looking for a Banana Leaf Rice. And suddenly he remembered there was one Kanna Curry House in Puchong. Google punya google, we found it! Omg.. it was sooo near to my house. How can I not know that?

Warning: All these goes straight to the hips!

We ordered several lauks to go with the rice. There were Fried Squids, Spicy Prawn Sambal, Mutton Curry and Fried Fish Eggs. Yumminess to the limits! And can you see the white creamy thingy in the middle? That's called tairu. It's like a yoghurt to eat with the rice. It's quite sour though. Not my cuppa tea so I just left it on the side. Sorry, Tairu Boy.

To read the review about this restaurant, click here and here. All good reviews, I tell you!
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