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Friday, 31 December 2010

Those Were The Days

I was browsing through my old picture albums on Facebook when I bumped into this..

From Left: Huda, Yuyu and I
This is a very old pictures of ours in the car. We were on our way to Zouk Club, KL. Wednesdays used to be my favourite night out and so are all the pretty dancing ladies out there. It was Ladies Nite, y'all.

What is left now is only memories.. Huda is now married with one cute and stubborn kid name Gazi. She's even in Hijjab now and she owns an online boutique selling Muslim fashion's clothings, Dollscarf. Do drop by at blog to check out her pretty selling items.

Yuyu now works in TM and has just bought a sassy brand new car. She's still with her long-term boyfriend, Eiji. She stopped clubbing few years back before me.

And myself.. oh well.. I've quit going to clubs at all. For good. Having my childhood dream job in an airline after jumping several jobs I hate, bought a small cute car and about to be married with the most sensible, wise, down-to-earth man I've ever known. What more could I ask for?

Nothing. As much as I know, my life is complete. Bliss.

Friday, 2 July 2010

He Finally Proposed!


I couldn't stop myself from smiling today. Finally, he proposed! Well.. it wasn't the most romantic proposal ever, but it's enough to make me smiling and feeling wobbly on the knees. I've been dreaming for this moment for as long as I can remember and finally it's here =DDD

We went for detink-detink as usual. I got home from office around 6.30pm. Washed up, dressed up. He came and pick me up and we went to the Mid Valley. After walking around for a while looking for nothing. We desisded to have dinner. It's football night, so it's kinda hard for us to find a table. Went to almost every restaurant, you name it, Tony Roma's, Chili's, Italiannies and TGI Fridays. We finally put our name on the reservation list at TGI and went for window shopping for a bit just to kill time. To our surprise, they called us after 10 minutes. That's nice =)

But the table wasn't really comfortable since it's a bar table. Oh well.. this should do. Just the place was too loud for us to talk. Luckily, we won't need to sit at the bar counter. Phew.

So.. after ordering, we talked while waiting for the food. Suddenly he said, he wanted to give me something. He reached down his pocket for god-knows-what and he put it on the table.

A small little red heart-shaped box was sitting there staring back at me!
 I remembered I was silent at the moment. Taken aback of what I saw, didn't really know what to say first, I gasped and both hands on my mouth to stop from screaming accidentally. He really surprised me this time.

And then, I remembered I cried..

I know some people around us were staring. And looking. And saying/whispering something (good or bad, I have no idea) to themselves or to their partners. But, I really didn't give a damn. I didn't even look up at them. Luck on my side, I sat facing the window. Phew again.

We both didn't finish our food, not sure the food weren't delicious enough or we ourselves lost appetite because we were both so nervous. But it really felt like our first date =p

For two years I've been with ene, seeing what a non-committed person he is, I thought he will never ask my hand on marriage. But, for the love of him, I decided to stay and see what where the wind blows me. And I'm so glad, I'm still here =)

Okayy.. enough of the lovey dovey stuff. Here's our food for the dinner:

Queso Fondido
It is melted Monterrey Jack cheese, crisp beef bacon, jalapeno, roasted peppers, onions and pico de gallo creamy sauce. Served with crisp corn tortilla chips. I would say it's nice, but the tortilla is not up to my tastebuds.

Garlic Marinated Grilled Lamb Chops
Lamb chops marinated with garlic. Served with demi glace, beef bits, seasonal vegetables and cheddar cheese mashed potatoes. This is mine. Due to certain reasons, I don't find it tasty. The lamb was too dry, though. But the mashed potatoes ribboned with cheese was nice.

Sirloin Steak
Richly-marbled, 10-oz Australian chilled air flown grain-fed ribeye steak, char-grilled until it's juicy and melt-in-your-mouth tender. This is his.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Naili's Place, Ampang

Had dinner with a friend of mine today. Been cracking our head where should we go for makan-makan. Was kind of malas to go too far. But there was nothing nice nearby, though. Mamak? So bosan.

Then, she got the idea. Naili's.

Well, there were only two of us actually. But we ended up ordering 4 dishes. Gila ke tak?

Creamy Lasagna RM12.90
This is mine. I've been to Naili's a few times before. But I didn't know they have really superlicious lasagna! Oh my. It was covered with this really creamy sauce. Need to find the recipe. By the way, it's RM12.90.

Not-in-the-menu Coleslaw

We suddenly got the urge to indulge ourselves with those fatty-creamy-straight-to-the-hips food. So, we asked for this coleslaw. It's not even in the menu as usually you need to order something and this will come as the sides. But, since we already have our own dish(es), we just ordered this as ala-carte. (Didn't even know the price, bill settled by this good friend of mine =) )

Hers. Nothing to shout about, though..

Seafood Pizza
Just plain chuck-it-in-the-microwave kinda pizza. Around RM9 kot the price. Couldn't really remember..

Monday, 22 March 2010

Bread & Olives, Ampang LookOut Point

I have always wanted to come here. Been living in Wangsa Maju for nearly a year now but not once I get to come here. It's a nice place, they say. And it indeed was..

We went up around 9pm. Both my friend and I wasn't really familiar of the place. Heard of it from everyone else many times before.. but never get the chance to go so we decided to on our gps device. It wasn't really hard to find the place. The hill was quite steep.. and dark so it was kinda spooky for me..

Up and up we went.. and we came across this open area along the road with stalls selling food like yong tau foo, ice cream and other finger food. And guess what? The stalls were facing the most fabulous amazing breathtaking view I've ever seen. We finally reached the lookout point of Ampang.

Pity I didn't snap any pictures of the view (as we were so hungry we kept looking for place to eat). The view of Ampang city covered with lights all over the place. Lights from low and tall building towering as well as from houses and streetlights. Oh and also from cars on the road. It was like looking up staring at the glittering stars shattering all over on the pitch black sky. Only this, you have to look down =p

So.. we decided to continue our journey searching for the restaurants I read in some blog earlier today. It was situated a little further up from the gerai-gerai spot. There were rows of nice restaurants there overlooking the Ampang City skyline: Haven Restaurant, Gasoline Cafe, LookOut Point Western & Local Cuisine, Panorama Restaurants and Bread & Olive.

It was quite a challenge in choosing a restaurant to dine since all of them looked so desperately cozy and serene. Finally, we chose Bread & Olive. Part of it is because of the unique name =p

Here are what we ordered..

Beef Lasagna
As usual.. ordered a beef lasagna to taste and compare with other lasagnas I've had before. This one is nothing to shout about..

Mediterranean Chicken
The touch of hot melting cheese on the chicken was quite a catch. Chicken was the usual chicken chop we can get at any other place.

This one is the worst. Just look at the picture and you tell me how do you think it tastes.

Despite the nice breathtaking view to enjoy while having our dinner, we were kinda disappointed of the quality of the food. It has nothing special to talk about. I guess.. they were just 'selling' the nice view instead of the food. Pity.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mai's Wedding @ Klang

Another bestfriend got married today..

She used to be a very good friend of mine during my schooling days. We went to the same school.. was in the same class.. went for recess together.. did foolish things together.. memories..

Years after year gone by.. we technically got separated.. with studies and work and shifting houses and a whole new bunch of friends.. we kinda lost contact. And then, we met back in facebook. See, the power of facebook brought us closer, not as close as we were before (we can never be, I think), but enough to keep each other in touch with news updates and stuff.

So, I got her card. Her wedding card. I seldom attend my school friends wedding since they are all in Klang. Too far from my place. But, I'm giving her an exception.

Hoping would bumped into long lost friends there, I decided to go. With ene being my chauffeur, we finally reached her house (I'm not really sure where exactly her house was, thanks to GPS).

Didn't take many pictures, though.. Look at her. Isn't she beautiful? =)

The Bride & Groom

iLa, Mai & Dyan
Bumped into Dyan at the reception. We were so happy to see each other. Chatted for quite sometimes, carried away with old stories, then I just realized I left ene alone at the table. Poor ene.. Sorry, Sayang. =p

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Mee Bandung Muar @ Azila's

Went to Azila's for makan-makan today. Ngah made this nice Mee Bandung Muar. I was expecting they cater the food from somebody else, but it turned out that they made the food by themselves. Ngah cooks? That's unbelievable. Check this out..

Mee Bandung Muar
Finally, I know their secret. The spices and flavouring were all instant. They bought it while they were in Pontian. They only put in the ingredient (prawns, squids, fishballs, crabsticks etc.) and boil them with the spices. Haha.. you guys almost got me. But it was delicious, though. So.. no complaints. =)

The Spices RM10

She gave me a packet to try at home. Not sure if I have the time, though..

Monday, 11 January 2010

Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant

Spent time with Azila, Kee and Ngah the whole day today. Went to their house just to lepak-lepak at first. Then, suddenly Kee and Ngah invited me to join them for dinner at a seafood restaurant called Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant in Pulau Carey. Read about it here, there and everywhere. =p (Ohh.. almost forgot to mention, they've always liked to invite me to a makan-makan session because I love to eat, who doesn't?).

Ohh.. I got my Farmville t-shirt finally! Yeay for that! Ngah and Kee bought for themselves as well. They bought a lot of things anyways, mugs and stuff. I really love mine because it's kinda long. Long t-shirts makes me feel slimmer =p And love the sleeves too. It reminds me the kinda t-shirts I used to have when I was in my schooling days. Take a look..

The three Farm-Villains
Aren't they cute? Two black sheeps and an ugly duckling.

So, we left their home around 5.30pm. We needed to get there earlier because dinnertime (around 7pm onwards) is usually packed with people. The journey took about 1 hours plus (Seri Kembangan and Carey Island is really far, okay).

Don't know what else to do in the car
What?? It was such a long journey, okay!
We were lucky to get a table. It was quite a big table, though. 8 people will fit perfectly. Since there were no other smaller table, that will have to do.

Just ordered. More pictures!

That's garlic, chili and soy sauce, peeps!

Waiting.. waiting..
Ohh.. finally the dishes have arrived! We ordered four types of seafood + Khailan with Oyster Sauce.

Stir Fry Bamboo Lala with Oyster Sauce & Stir Fry Khailan with Oyster Sauce
I've always love Bamboo Lala. But this one is quite tough. But the sauce was quite tasty to eat with rice (and not to forget, the garlic + chili + soy sauce!) The Khailan was just plain Khailan Goreng.

Buttered Tiger Prawns - Dry style
Okay, here comes my favourite. I can't wait for this. The prawns, eventhough they were big in size, but it wasn't tough at all. They cooked it just until right. Love the powdery-like butter as well. Salty, but I love it!

Marmite Crab
This came next. Not a big fan of crabs (because of the hard shell) so I didn't really get a good taste at it. But, it sure looks nice, don't they? How does Marmite taste exactly, anyway?

Assam Pedas Garuppa
This was our last dish that came to the table. This Assam Pedas Garuppa (Sour and Spicy Garuppa) tasted different from Malay's Assam Pedas. It has this Chinese signature's taste to it. I can't explain it. You have to try both Chinese and Malay Assam Pedas to know the difference. =) Didn't eat the fish as I don't like fish. But I had a lot of the gravy which was delicious to eat with my rice.

Us. With all of the dishes ready.

Can't wait to dig in!

Thank you loads, Ngah!

Love you til the end, Lala!
We were so full by this time. Luckily it was a loose t-shirt I was wearing (Can't breathe.. Helpp!). Thanks so much you guys for bringing me here. I've never known there was this nice seafood place here. And I didn't even get to see the bill. They settled it without asking me to chip-in. Semoga Murah Rezeki, you guys! Love you all!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Pasta LOVErs!

Gonna share something cute today. Ngah just got back from her Eurotrip. She bought some nice cookery thingy as well. She asked me to come over pancing me telling she's cooking pasta. I was so surprised when I finally got a look on the pasta.

Bolognaise LOVERs, anyone?
They are heart-shaped! So cute, right? I've never seen anything like this in Malaysia. She bought the pasta while she was in Italy. I could have asked her to buy some for me as well if I knew they were this pretty!
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