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Monday, 22 March 2010

Bread & Olives, Ampang LookOut Point

I have always wanted to come here. Been living in Wangsa Maju for nearly a year now but not once I get to come here. It's a nice place, they say. And it indeed was..

We went up around 9pm. Both my friend and I wasn't really familiar of the place. Heard of it from everyone else many times before.. but never get the chance to go so we decided to on our gps device. It wasn't really hard to find the place. The hill was quite steep.. and dark so it was kinda spooky for me..

Up and up we went.. and we came across this open area along the road with stalls selling food like yong tau foo, ice cream and other finger food. And guess what? The stalls were facing the most fabulous amazing breathtaking view I've ever seen. We finally reached the lookout point of Ampang.

Pity I didn't snap any pictures of the view (as we were so hungry we kept looking for place to eat). The view of Ampang city covered with lights all over the place. Lights from low and tall building towering as well as from houses and streetlights. Oh and also from cars on the road. It was like looking up staring at the glittering stars shattering all over on the pitch black sky. Only this, you have to look down =p

So.. we decided to continue our journey searching for the restaurants I read in some blog earlier today. It was situated a little further up from the gerai-gerai spot. There were rows of nice restaurants there overlooking the Ampang City skyline: Haven Restaurant, Gasoline Cafe, LookOut Point Western & Local Cuisine, Panorama Restaurants and Bread & Olive.

It was quite a challenge in choosing a restaurant to dine since all of them looked so desperately cozy and serene. Finally, we chose Bread & Olive. Part of it is because of the unique name =p

Here are what we ordered..

Beef Lasagna
As usual.. ordered a beef lasagna to taste and compare with other lasagnas I've had before. This one is nothing to shout about..

Mediterranean Chicken
The touch of hot melting cheese on the chicken was quite a catch. Chicken was the usual chicken chop we can get at any other place.

This one is the worst. Just look at the picture and you tell me how do you think it tastes.

Despite the nice breathtaking view to enjoy while having our dinner, we were kinda disappointed of the quality of the food. It has nothing special to talk about. I guess.. they were just 'selling' the nice view instead of the food. Pity.

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