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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Reception Update: Percarian Dewan

I'm so damn tired today. Mencari dewan. Browse so many wedding blogs (thanks girls for sharing the infos you've gathered. It has been so helpful to me). I've referred to many wedding blogs to find a hall for my reception. This isn't a wedding blog. It's just a blog about my life. But, I'm obliged to share what I've got so that at least I've done my part to help the future bride to be out there.. :) So, here goes:

Dewan Gemala Sari RISDA, Jalan Ampang 03-42564022 - Full
Dewan Perdana Felda/Dewan Merak Kayangan 03-26988302 - Out of budget
Dewan Prima LJT,Taman Melawati 03-41494440 - Out of budget
Taman Tasik Titiwangsa 03-40238294 - Not a good idea having a garden wedding in December, right?
Wisma Sejarah 03-26815388 - Too small
Sime Darby Convention Centre 03-20893688 - Waaay out of budget
Kampung Pengantin 016-555 8035 - Out of budget
Dewan Puspanita KL 012-9673634 - RM5k for 4 hours is still not in the budget
Dewan Tun Rahah,Yayasan Tun Razak 03-21661001 - Out of budget
Dewan Serbaguna Kampung Baru 03-26914793 - Kampung Bharu? No.
Pusat Komuniti Taman Koperasi Polis 2 03-61872023 - Kat dalam Greenwood. No.
Pusat Komuniti Taman Ibu Kota 03-40238641
Pusat Komuniti Taman Melati 03-61850600
Pusat Komuniti Sentul Perdana 03-40434076
Dewan Serbaguna Taman Melati 03-61895469
Dewan Centrum Setiawangsa 019-5267710 - Besar sangat macam nak buat Pameran Pengantin.
Pusat Komuniti Taman Tun Dr.Ismail 03-77287591 - I love this. And they are still free on our date!
Dewan Serbaguna Ampang Hilir 03-42514615 - Cantik. Tapi tak sure kat mana
Dewan Serbaguna Jalan Tun Razak 03-40253934 - Cantik. Tapi kat Cheras.
Kompleks Sukan Kampung Datuk Keramat 03-42564853 - Location out.
Dewan Serbaguna Sri Delima 03-62579498
Dewan Serbaguna Taman Salak Jaya 03-79837139 - Location is out.

If you need to see the pictures, just browse through Google. You'll see it. Dah penat yang teramat duduk depan PC.

-Ila auto power off-

Monday, 30 January 2012

Engagement Update: The Date (Locked!)

Hey, peeps!

Super duper happy today. ene and I, we usually chat everyday in the office. Like really everyday. Except when one of us are on annual leaves or MCs. So, we did chat today. As usual.. and suddenly ene brought it up. About the date!

He said, his mom called telling him, all their sedaras are okay with the date I chose for our tunang which is 19th May 2012. I was so happy when he said that! Well, typed. OMG, I just couldn't believe that I am actually getting engaged! To the love of my life :)

So, yup.. peeps. Block your calendar because something is coming on the 19th of May :p I'm so excited. Oh wait. I forgot to tell my brother. Wait. Okay done. So, actually, ene was quite flexible with the dates either 19th or 20th. I wanted to do it on 20th, but then pikir-pikir kesian pulak kat orang-orang Johor. They'll surely be working that Monday, right. Mana nak cuti pergi Sarawak kahein Nina lagi. So, 19th it is. Tarikh Keramat aku. The date when I'm not gonna be single again. The date when I'm gonna be officially off the market. Toodle loo, guys.. :)

Enough about my engagement. Next to the next date. Kahwin. Yang ni ada masalah sikit. They couldn't agree with the date we planned which is 23rd December, 2012. Semua orang takde pergi holiday. So, they proposed the first week of January. :( Nak cakap banyak pun sedih. I'm gonna be 30 next year, don't they know that? I felt like crying.. But.. sigh.. there's nothing I can do about it. Kang takde orang pulak nikah aku nanti.

We did discuss about bringing the date forward. But the latest we can is on September. Sebab later than that, ene ada class. And Midterms. And Presentation. And Finals. So, we don't think September will be suitable. Too rush. Kan?

Oh well.. I guess, it's better late than never, kan? Haha. At least aku akan kahwin jugak.. cuma lewat dua minggu dari planned date. Takpela.. looking at the bright side, maybe bulan 1 dah kurang sikit semak orang nak kahwin, kan? Budak-budak pun dah masuk sekolah. Just one thing, most wedding planners revise their price early of the year. New year, new price. Argh.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Wedding Update: Hantaran (Dulang2an Bakul2an)

As promised, I went back to Jalan TAR today. Really wanted to buy that buy one free one white basket. for RM15. Wanted to go back yesterday, but the girl working at the shop told us they will be closed one day for Chinese New Year. So, here I am, today, coming here again, with mama. I didn't drive, though. Abah dropped us. Malas kot nak drive pergi Jalan TAR The last time I came pun, I took the train kot.

Oh, lupa nak cerita. before that, me, abah and mama went to a mamak at Medan Tunku to have breakfast. I had roti tampal, mama had tosai as usual and abah had roti banjir. (Abah pandai makan roti banjir? Since when?)
My feet were still aching from too much walking here on Saturday and then Sunday at Aeon Bukit Tinggi. But, I really wanted to buy that baskets. So, to hell with my feet. We went straight to Yen Riben in the Semua House. I showed mama the basket and she agreed with it. There were two designs available. One is rectangular and another one is round. I decided to mix both design so that my hantarans won't look so boring. Because you know, some items are nice to put it in a round basket, and others are better off in a rectangular basket. Like sireh junjung and baju melayu. Got me?

So, since I'm buying this baskets, the idea of hiring Kak Tina to decorate my nikah's hantarans need to be scratch. We're gonna do the hantaran for both events ourselves. (Sorry, Kak Tina. We've changed our minds. Deposit boleh dapat balik, tak? =p) Rugi la kan, dah beli, tapi pakai untuk tunang je. Not worth it (eventhough it's a buy one, free one stuff). Here's how it looks like:

The Round Version

The Rectangular Version

All 12 of Them!

Since I'll be doing my own hantaran for nikah as well, I bought 12 altogether. (Hantaran untuk tunang aku 7 vs. 9, hantaran untuk nikah aku 9 vs. 11. Banyak, kan?) I bought 6 round shapes and 6 rectangular shape. Fuhh.. lega gila bila dah dapat one more item for tunang. Okay, next!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Reception Update: Hantaran (Lancome vs Ralph Lauren)

Another tiring day. Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese friends!

ene asked me last week when can we meet the friend of mine who works as a beautician at Lancome. I told him we could get way below the market price if we bought our perfumes and cosmetics from her (for our hantarans). I wanted Lancome, but ene needs to choose other brand since Lancome doesn;t really cater men. Plus, dia memang tak nak pun.. tak masculine katanya..

And guess what, my friends Lancome counter is at Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang. Phewww... jauh gilaaa.. takpelaa.. nak kahwin punya pasal.. ku rela.. hehehe. So, we went for lunch at Rasamas (both of us are getting poorer by the day for this wedding, so this is the only cheapest option). Tapi tak cukup pun. Ended up, ene ordered another quarter Percik. Talking about eating healthy :|

And.. Nope. The Chicken Wasn't As Plumpy As In The Picture

We went straight to see Raba'ah after our lunch and started to choose our choice of items. After a long dilly dally discussion, I decided to take five items: A compact powder, a mascara, a lipstick, a 30ml perfume and a blusher. A first, I thought the box won't look full with only those five items in it. Yelaa.. nak buat hantaran, kan.. Kena la nampak cantik atas dulang. But then, looking at the way she arranges the items, box tu terus nampak penuh. Hehe.. Okay, fully satisfied. Actually, it's the packaging of the items that makes the box looks full. Padahal barang cuma ada lima je. But, I'm still thinking to add up another one or two items to the box. ene says no because the price has exceeded our budget. But I still thinks it's quite cheap. Five Lancome cosmetics only costs me RM396. Murah ke mahal?

Compact Powder





Well, maybe lets just wait until dah dekat-dekat2 nanti. If the box really needs to be added up, kena la order lagi. Otherwise, lets just leave it be. Plus, Raba'ah did tell me she's gonna get some perfume or makeup remover sample size for me to put it on the box bagi nampak lagi banyak. She's so sweet! I'm gonna get something for her later.

Okay, now ene's items. He didn't really like Lancome, so we went to the Ralph Lauren counter to check the items out. Men doesn't really have a lot of things to buy, do they? He want's the Big Pony Collection #3 (the green one). So, we took the perfume, the body spray and the deodorant. Just that. Boring jadi lelaki, kan?

Since, there is still some promo left, I decided to buy the best buy set of the Big Pony Collection #3 straight away. It was quite cheap. RM225 for a 50ml perfume and a body spray. We only ordered the deodorant using her staff purchase.

Perfume and Body Spray for RM225. Plus Two Sample Perfumes! =D

The Deodorant RM90

How Nice If I Could Buy All 4 For ene..

Colourful Vibrant Collection!

So, ene's items for hantaran is RM279 altogether. Aku punya pulak dah dekat RM400. Haha.. banyak gila beza.. nasib la kan.. siapa suruh tak pakai mekap =p

After we were done at Aeon Bukit Tinggi, we headed to the Sunway Pyramid to lepak-lepak with ene's friends. Wanted to watch a movie, but most of the movies there were chinese movies. Chinese New Year la katakan.. So, we went for dinner at Popeye's, instead. Abe came shortly after that.

After dinner, they wanted to watch bola pulak. Since ene's gonna send me home and Shah needed to send Huda home as well, they decided to go lepak at Beriyani Gam in Seri Kembangan. Abe had no choice but to follow. Hehe. Ahaw came shortly after that.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Engagement Update: Kain & Selendang!

Finally, I nailed it! Heeeee..

After my A|X handbag and wallet, this is considered my second item I bought for my engagement. (Actually my first. A|X was bought by ene for my wedding hantarans :p)

It's been a loooong day. I yawned just to think about it.

Azila asked me to teman her to go to Jalan TAR today. She wanted to look for her veil and Hairil's songket. At first, I was a bit skeptical to go thinking about the condition in Jalan TAR. But then, it's a good thing also to go cuci mata since I'm myself looking for many things for my own wedding. Even if I didn't buy anything today, at least, I know what can I find there, right? And to my surprise, I've found a lot things that I've been searching for and didn't know where to find. I instantly fell in love with Jalan TAR. No wonder everybody is saying Jalan TAR is much better than Nilai 3. Now I can clearly see why.

So, we planned to go by train. That's the most convenient way looking at it since neither of us were really rajin to drive to that hell on earth. Azila came to pick me up around 9.30am. Then, we dropped by the gerai nasi lemak near my Metro Driving Academy to get some breakfast. Hampeh punya Azila she didn't tell me she had breakfast :|

After I bought my pack of nasi lemak with sambal daging, we drove off to Bukit Jalil Star LRT station. But suddenly Azila's car jerked. Looking at the dashboard, there was this little light shaped like an engine was blinking. Soon enough, she drove to the workshop and I drove my car to pick her up and then off we went to the LRT station. Pheww.. sangkak sungguh.

We reached around 11.00am and the place was already rush hour. Dipendekkan cerita, we went in to almost all the shops that was there in Jalan TAR. Azila bought songket for Hairil priced at RM680. After quite a bargain, she got RM460 for it. Nice. Sangat cantik the colour.

So, we continued our way to the Semua House walking through the streets full of people and stuff on our way there. Nasib baik air-cond, that cooled us down a lot. Like.. A LOT. So, we basically went into all of the shops there looking for.. everything. We went to the shops named Yen Riben and SinMin. Both are chinese shops, but the things inside are really good stuff for malay weddings. Love both shops. I looked through rows and rows of artificial flowers and arrangement. They were like endless! And we saw these really nice flowerballs hanging at the entrance of the shops. Priced from RM10.90 to RM25.90 (this is for the 2-tiers).

There were also hantaran trays being sold there. Nice ones. And I saw these basket-like tray, threaded with thick white rope. The price is RM15. Buy one free one. How about that? Murah, kan? Beli 12, baru RM90. The price is quite the same if I rent it from the Kak Tina. The difference is, I got all the basket for myself. :) Boleh pakai masa nikah pulak. And then boleh pakai lepas kahwin buat letak-letak barang. ;)) I wanted to buy, but it'll be messy for me to carry it around since we still had so many shop to go outside the Semua House. So, I decided to come again with mama this Tuesday. 

So we didn't buy anything, though. Cuci mata, as I said.

We dropped by Sogo to have our lunch. I ordered my all-time-favourite, the small flame and Azila had the light baked dory with rice at the Manhattan Fish Market.

Small Flame RM19.90

Baked Dory with Rice (Light) RM10.90

Mine consists of dory fillet (it's soooo soft!), three tiger prawns topped with cheese (the waiter torched the cheese in front of us and the smell was sooooo nice!), some boiled broccoli and carrots and flavoured rice. A very nice conbination dikala perut sangat kelaparan dan kaki sangat kepenatan. Azila's consists of baked dory fillet, some veggies just like mine and rice.

After the hearty lunch, we continued our journey with perut yang kembung dan kenyang. We walked pass most of the shops, we stopped and asked for selendangs. Some were quite nice, some were quite pricey. Tanya punya tanya, I got this nice pink net selendang for only RM45. Cheap, huh? Actually, it's more like a D-shaped veil. Thinking that I would only be wearing it once, I beli je la. The beads aren't that heavy, but I'm thinking to add some up later. Kan nak beli beads untuk baju aku lagi.. boleh la tumpang sekaki.. hehe :p

Pink Net Selendang RM45 and French Chiffon 4-meter RM96

Bought at Maya Silk

Sorry for the Bad Picture. Camera Phone.
Azila bought hers as well, lain kedai la.. told ya we went in to every single shops there were in Jalan TAR :D Kaki macam nak meletup dah masa tu, tapi jalan jugak.. nak kahwin punya pasal hahaaha.. She got hers at Maya. Her theme is off-white, so it's kinda tricky to find the selendang. Luckily, we found it at Maya Silk. Hers was a beaded chiffon since Hairil's mother prefers her to wear tudung, it's kinda inappropriate for her to wear a net selendang. Tapi cantik jugak. I've always loved chiffon.

Talking to the assistant, aku saje la tanya-tanya dia kot-kot ada kain chiffon. Rupanya ada. Very nice pink colour! Tak tunggu lama, aku terus beli 4-meter. (But that was after I called for advice la, from mama hehehe). When mama said okay, aku terus beli. I just love the colour! But I didn't buy the lining, only the chiffon since mama said she could get it for RM5 per meter. Kat sini RM12 per meter. Tapi satin laa.. I don't think the one mama told me was satin. It's kain belachu or something..

So, there you have it. My one day at Jalan TAR. Exhausting.. Tiring.. Exciting.. all in one. We headed back around 6.00pm, dropped Azila off at the workshop and I went home with a heart full of tiny colourful confettis thinking about how my big day would be like..

Friday, 13 January 2012

Engagement Update: The Date

Veri The Pedas!

 Was a bit tired to go out tonight.. but it's Friday night. So, what the heck. Drove to ene's place. Really wanted to have the infamous Prosperity Burger. So, we went to McDonald's near his house. I know, I can easily get it in Seri Kembangan itself. But I just want to have the feel of eating the burger with ene. Rupa-rupanya he's already eaten. Talk about Romantika D' Amor :|

So, we went anyway. He finished up the curly fries and I gobbled up just the burger. Calories balanced out. Thanks, Sayang :p Then we went to some place in Gombak Prime to have a drink. That's what we do best =p

ene told us, he has discussed briefly (and I meant BRIEFLY) with his mom about our engagement date. It will be in May since it's a semester break for ene. Date has not been confirmed yet, but the month is surely be in May. And guess what. I just realized Azila is getting engaged in May, too! Oh boy.. our wish finally are coming true (Suddenly the snippet of Bride Wars movie comes in mind)! =p

So, I told ene that Azila's date is on the first weekend, which is 6th of May and we'll need to choose another date other than that. I'd prefer it to be on the third week of May. At least, I still have one more weekend before my engagement day to run around chasing/grabbing things like a crazy bridezilla, right? And the date needs to be a bit further away from June since Nina is getting married on the 1st of June. Relatives from Johor will need to be very cautious of their expenses since they need to come down up to KL as well as Kuching. It's quite a big spend, ya know.

So, the date is yet to be confirmed. Stay Tune.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012



Lilo & Stitch.



Heart Them..

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Just to share with you guys.. Got this from a hamba Allah, sharing it on Facebook. I think it's quite something for me. I've been telling myself to be a better ummah this year. There were so many things I regret I did and I wishes I could turn back time and re-correct it. But, it's impossible. Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia kerugian. And that's me.

Calendar Puasa

I really hope, this year, I can be a better me. I really hope, this year, I can perform more ibadah than last year. I really hope, this year, I will obey Him and careful not to do what He does not want His ummah do. I really hope, this year, I will be a good and obedient wife to my husband.

Let's do this.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Pameran Pengantin Malaysia 2012 @ Ampang Point

Read somewhere about this pameran pengantin. There are so many pameran pengantin nowadays. It's like.. if you've missed one, you can easily go to the next. It's like there is always events like this every month.

So, for bride-to-bes out there. DOn;t miss this chance to get extra bargain on your wedding needs. Banyak jugak participants this year. Semua ada nama belaka. Hehe.. go go go and find the best wedding planner, caterer and outfit that suits you best!

All the best, girls! :D

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Eve @ Genting!


It's 2012, peeps!!! Finally, a new year. A new resolution. A new me. Let's get into that later. I'm sharing my new year's celebration with you guys first.

It was more or less a last minute thingy. ene had this plan to have a boy's night out this new year's eve (and yes.. I wasn't invited). It was a boy's night in at Yus's crib, to be precise. They were having BBQ and games and boy stuff so I decided to make plans of my own. Too bad, Azila wasn't around this weekend (she's going balik kampung) so it made me more patah kaki than ever.

So, I started asking people around what was their new year's plan. Thought about Jeph. He was having Tutti Fruiti with Elis at that time and planning for new year's eve at the same time I texted! Talking about sixth sense, huh!

So, when I told them about my plan to Genting (lame but that was the only thing I can think of), they were so excited. Asked Alin to join in, but she was having something (I think, she's shy).

So, that afternoon, Elis came to my house to pick me up and we headed straight to Taman Melati to fetch Jeph. But he wanted to have lunch with his mom first. So, we went to Leha Kelfood for lunch. I've always loved Leha Kelfood. It has such a variety of food there and the taste is superb. BUT. The price is quite a bit off the rooftop. I had Nasi Kerabu (my favourite!) with Ayam Percik (the gravy was so damn nice I tell you!) and a glass of ice tea. It was RM17 :|

We went to fetch Jeph at his house after lunch and off we went to Genting! We were so bising in the car talking and laughing all the way to the top. It's been a while since last we went out together like this..

The First Pic We Took

It was still not many people in Genting when we were there. There were still a lot parking spaces empty. So, It was kinda easy to get one near the entrance.

Me and Elis

We didn't have to many things to do before the countdown. So, we just hang around there taking pictures to kill some times.

This Cat is So Putih, So Fluffy, So Clean and So Gumuk For a Mamak's Stray Cat

Jeph starting to feel hungry because of the weather. So, he wanted to go eat at the Mamak B5 (located at the parking lot). I didn't even know this place existed. And cheap, too! At first, we girls didn;t wanna eat coz still full from Leha Kelfood. Then, he got his rice with fried chicken and kuah campur. We were both tempted and below was what happened.

Yepp.. Three Same Plate of Rice on The Table

But then, we were kinda grateful for having that early dinner because, Genting starting to fill up with people that evening. And it was gonna be difficult to find place to eat should we didn't have that early dinner at the mamak. Thanks, Jeph :)

While Waiting For Jeph Performing Maghrib

Killing Time.. Killing Time..

Lagi Killing Time..

We passed through Padini Store and saw a sale is going on. Went in. Elis bought some simple basic tops and I bought a shirt for Irfan. Poor Jeph had to wait for us girls.. We love you, Jeph! :D

People.. People..

Then, we passed through a photo booth. Really cute looking ones! Since, we were just wasting time walking all over the place. We decided to have a cute memento to bring back with us. One session is priced at RM38. Quite pricey to me, but what the heck. It's not an everyday thingy to do with my lovely friends. Plus, it's so cute! You get to choose your background pictures up to 8 and you get edit your pictures, putting in fonts, cute little cartoons and stuff. Here's the output.

Nice, right?
Looking at it, eventhough it's pricey, I still think it was a good move to do it. At least we have a nice token to remember the day.. :)

Ice-Cream For Three, Anyone?

We had ice-cream that evening, two flavors for everyone. They had chocolate swirls and strawberry. I had rainbow and strawberry.  In the winter-like cold, we had our ice-cream with our hands freezing at the side of the bowl..

Waiting For The Fireworks!

All and all.. it was a really great last-minute-plan outings with them. We danced in the cold while waiting for the fireworks, we had such a great time celebrating new year with such a clean fun, we had a wholesome good meals and we have each other :)

This new year, I really am giving a high hope to myself to be a better me. To be a healthier me. To keep my fitness on track. To keep my wedding preparation in motion. And most important thing of all, to learn and to prepare myself physically and mentally how to be a good wife.
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