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Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Eve @ Genting!


It's 2012, peeps!!! Finally, a new year. A new resolution. A new me. Let's get into that later. I'm sharing my new year's celebration with you guys first.

It was more or less a last minute thingy. ene had this plan to have a boy's night out this new year's eve (and yes.. I wasn't invited). It was a boy's night in at Yus's crib, to be precise. They were having BBQ and games and boy stuff so I decided to make plans of my own. Too bad, Azila wasn't around this weekend (she's going balik kampung) so it made me more patah kaki than ever.

So, I started asking people around what was their new year's plan. Thought about Jeph. He was having Tutti Fruiti with Elis at that time and planning for new year's eve at the same time I texted! Talking about sixth sense, huh!

So, when I told them about my plan to Genting (lame but that was the only thing I can think of), they were so excited. Asked Alin to join in, but she was having something (I think, she's shy).

So, that afternoon, Elis came to my house to pick me up and we headed straight to Taman Melati to fetch Jeph. But he wanted to have lunch with his mom first. So, we went to Leha Kelfood for lunch. I've always loved Leha Kelfood. It has such a variety of food there and the taste is superb. BUT. The price is quite a bit off the rooftop. I had Nasi Kerabu (my favourite!) with Ayam Percik (the gravy was so damn nice I tell you!) and a glass of ice tea. It was RM17 :|

We went to fetch Jeph at his house after lunch and off we went to Genting! We were so bising in the car talking and laughing all the way to the top. It's been a while since last we went out together like this..

The First Pic We Took

It was still not many people in Genting when we were there. There were still a lot parking spaces empty. So, It was kinda easy to get one near the entrance.

Me and Elis

We didn't have to many things to do before the countdown. So, we just hang around there taking pictures to kill some times.

This Cat is So Putih, So Fluffy, So Clean and So Gumuk For a Mamak's Stray Cat

Jeph starting to feel hungry because of the weather. So, he wanted to go eat at the Mamak B5 (located at the parking lot). I didn't even know this place existed. And cheap, too! At first, we girls didn;t wanna eat coz still full from Leha Kelfood. Then, he got his rice with fried chicken and kuah campur. We were both tempted and below was what happened.

Yepp.. Three Same Plate of Rice on The Table

But then, we were kinda grateful for having that early dinner because, Genting starting to fill up with people that evening. And it was gonna be difficult to find place to eat should we didn't have that early dinner at the mamak. Thanks, Jeph :)

While Waiting For Jeph Performing Maghrib

Killing Time.. Killing Time..

Lagi Killing Time..

We passed through Padini Store and saw a sale is going on. Went in. Elis bought some simple basic tops and I bought a shirt for Irfan. Poor Jeph had to wait for us girls.. We love you, Jeph! :D

People.. People..

Then, we passed through a photo booth. Really cute looking ones! Since, we were just wasting time walking all over the place. We decided to have a cute memento to bring back with us. One session is priced at RM38. Quite pricey to me, but what the heck. It's not an everyday thingy to do with my lovely friends. Plus, it's so cute! You get to choose your background pictures up to 8 and you get edit your pictures, putting in fonts, cute little cartoons and stuff. Here's the output.

Nice, right?
Looking at it, eventhough it's pricey, I still think it was a good move to do it. At least we have a nice token to remember the day.. :)

Ice-Cream For Three, Anyone?

We had ice-cream that evening, two flavors for everyone. They had chocolate swirls and strawberry. I had rainbow and strawberry.  In the winter-like cold, we had our ice-cream with our hands freezing at the side of the bowl..

Waiting For The Fireworks!

All and all.. it was a really great last-minute-plan outings with them. We danced in the cold while waiting for the fireworks, we had such a great time celebrating new year with such a clean fun, we had a wholesome good meals and we have each other :)

This new year, I really am giving a high hope to myself to be a better me. To be a healthier me. To keep my fitness on track. To keep my wedding preparation in motion. And most important thing of all, to learn and to prepare myself physically and mentally how to be a good wife.

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