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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Wedding Update: Hantaran (Dulang2an Bakul2an)

As promised, I went back to Jalan TAR today. Really wanted to buy that buy one free one white basket. for RM15. Wanted to go back yesterday, but the girl working at the shop told us they will be closed one day for Chinese New Year. So, here I am, today, coming here again, with mama. I didn't drive, though. Abah dropped us. Malas kot nak drive pergi Jalan TAR The last time I came pun, I took the train kot.

Oh, lupa nak cerita. before that, me, abah and mama went to a mamak at Medan Tunku to have breakfast. I had roti tampal, mama had tosai as usual and abah had roti banjir. (Abah pandai makan roti banjir? Since when?)
My feet were still aching from too much walking here on Saturday and then Sunday at Aeon Bukit Tinggi. But, I really wanted to buy that baskets. So, to hell with my feet. We went straight to Yen Riben in the Semua House. I showed mama the basket and she agreed with it. There were two designs available. One is rectangular and another one is round. I decided to mix both design so that my hantarans won't look so boring. Because you know, some items are nice to put it in a round basket, and others are better off in a rectangular basket. Like sireh junjung and baju melayu. Got me?

So, since I'm buying this baskets, the idea of hiring Kak Tina to decorate my nikah's hantarans need to be scratch. We're gonna do the hantaran for both events ourselves. (Sorry, Kak Tina. We've changed our minds. Deposit boleh dapat balik, tak? =p) Rugi la kan, dah beli, tapi pakai untuk tunang je. Not worth it (eventhough it's a buy one, free one stuff). Here's how it looks like:

The Round Version

The Rectangular Version

All 12 of Them!

Since I'll be doing my own hantaran for nikah as well, I bought 12 altogether. (Hantaran untuk tunang aku 7 vs. 9, hantaran untuk nikah aku 9 vs. 11. Banyak, kan?) I bought 6 round shapes and 6 rectangular shape. Fuhh.. lega gila bila dah dapat one more item for tunang. Okay, next!


  1. kedai kat jalan tar ni nama apa eyh??


    1. Nama kedai dia Yen Riben dear.. Masuk je Semua House, turun tangga besar tuh dah bule jumpa :)


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