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Friday, 13 January 2012

Engagement Update: The Date

Veri The Pedas!

 Was a bit tired to go out tonight.. but it's Friday night. So, what the heck. Drove to ene's place. Really wanted to have the infamous Prosperity Burger. So, we went to McDonald's near his house. I know, I can easily get it in Seri Kembangan itself. But I just want to have the feel of eating the burger with ene. Rupa-rupanya he's already eaten. Talk about Romantika D' Amor :|

So, we went anyway. He finished up the curly fries and I gobbled up just the burger. Calories balanced out. Thanks, Sayang :p Then we went to some place in Gombak Prime to have a drink. That's what we do best =p

ene told us, he has discussed briefly (and I meant BRIEFLY) with his mom about our engagement date. It will be in May since it's a semester break for ene. Date has not been confirmed yet, but the month is surely be in May. And guess what. I just realized Azila is getting engaged in May, too! Oh boy.. our wish finally are coming true (Suddenly the snippet of Bride Wars movie comes in mind)! =p

So, I told ene that Azila's date is on the first weekend, which is 6th of May and we'll need to choose another date other than that. I'd prefer it to be on the third week of May. At least, I still have one more weekend before my engagement day to run around chasing/grabbing things like a crazy bridezilla, right? And the date needs to be a bit further away from June since Nina is getting married on the 1st of June. Relatives from Johor will need to be very cautious of their expenses since they need to come down up to KL as well as Kuching. It's quite a big spend, ya know.

So, the date is yet to be confirmed. Stay Tune.

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