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Monday, 30 January 2012

Engagement Update: The Date (Locked!)

Hey, peeps!

Super duper happy today. ene and I, we usually chat everyday in the office. Like really everyday. Except when one of us are on annual leaves or MCs. So, we did chat today. As usual.. and suddenly ene brought it up. About the date!

He said, his mom called telling him, all their sedaras are okay with the date I chose for our tunang which is 19th May 2012. I was so happy when he said that! Well, typed. OMG, I just couldn't believe that I am actually getting engaged! To the love of my life :)

So, yup.. peeps. Block your calendar because something is coming on the 19th of May :p I'm so excited. Oh wait. I forgot to tell my brother. Wait. Okay done. So, actually, ene was quite flexible with the dates either 19th or 20th. I wanted to do it on 20th, but then pikir-pikir kesian pulak kat orang-orang Johor. They'll surely be working that Monday, right. Mana nak cuti pergi Sarawak kahein Nina lagi. So, 19th it is. Tarikh Keramat aku. The date when I'm not gonna be single again. The date when I'm gonna be officially off the market. Toodle loo, guys.. :)

Enough about my engagement. Next to the next date. Kahwin. Yang ni ada masalah sikit. They couldn't agree with the date we planned which is 23rd December, 2012. Semua orang takde pergi holiday. So, they proposed the first week of January. :( Nak cakap banyak pun sedih. I'm gonna be 30 next year, don't they know that? I felt like crying.. But.. sigh.. there's nothing I can do about it. Kang takde orang pulak nikah aku nanti.

We did discuss about bringing the date forward. But the latest we can is on September. Sebab later than that, ene ada class. And Midterms. And Presentation. And Finals. So, we don't think September will be suitable. Too rush. Kan?

Oh well.. I guess, it's better late than never, kan? Haha. At least aku akan kahwin jugak.. cuma lewat dua minggu dari planned date. Takpela.. looking at the bright side, maybe bulan 1 dah kurang sikit semak orang nak kahwin, kan? Budak-budak pun dah masuk sekolah. Just one thing, most wedding planners revise their price early of the year. New year, new price. Argh.

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