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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Reception Update: Hantaran (Lancome vs Ralph Lauren)

Another tiring day. Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese friends!

ene asked me last week when can we meet the friend of mine who works as a beautician at Lancome. I told him we could get way below the market price if we bought our perfumes and cosmetics from her (for our hantarans). I wanted Lancome, but ene needs to choose other brand since Lancome doesn;t really cater men. Plus, dia memang tak nak pun.. tak masculine katanya..

And guess what, my friends Lancome counter is at Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang. Phewww... jauh gilaaa.. takpelaa.. nak kahwin punya pasal.. ku rela.. hehehe. So, we went for lunch at Rasamas (both of us are getting poorer by the day for this wedding, so this is the only cheapest option). Tapi tak cukup pun. Ended up, ene ordered another quarter Percik. Talking about eating healthy :|

And.. Nope. The Chicken Wasn't As Plumpy As In The Picture

We went straight to see Raba'ah after our lunch and started to choose our choice of items. After a long dilly dally discussion, I decided to take five items: A compact powder, a mascara, a lipstick, a 30ml perfume and a blusher. A first, I thought the box won't look full with only those five items in it. Yelaa.. nak buat hantaran, kan.. Kena la nampak cantik atas dulang. But then, looking at the way she arranges the items, box tu terus nampak penuh. Hehe.. Okay, fully satisfied. Actually, it's the packaging of the items that makes the box looks full. Padahal barang cuma ada lima je. But, I'm still thinking to add up another one or two items to the box. ene says no because the price has exceeded our budget. But I still thinks it's quite cheap. Five Lancome cosmetics only costs me RM396. Murah ke mahal?

Compact Powder





Well, maybe lets just wait until dah dekat-dekat2 nanti. If the box really needs to be added up, kena la order lagi. Otherwise, lets just leave it be. Plus, Raba'ah did tell me she's gonna get some perfume or makeup remover sample size for me to put it on the box bagi nampak lagi banyak. She's so sweet! I'm gonna get something for her later.

Okay, now ene's items. He didn't really like Lancome, so we went to the Ralph Lauren counter to check the items out. Men doesn't really have a lot of things to buy, do they? He want's the Big Pony Collection #3 (the green one). So, we took the perfume, the body spray and the deodorant. Just that. Boring jadi lelaki, kan?

Since, there is still some promo left, I decided to buy the best buy set of the Big Pony Collection #3 straight away. It was quite cheap. RM225 for a 50ml perfume and a body spray. We only ordered the deodorant using her staff purchase.

Perfume and Body Spray for RM225. Plus Two Sample Perfumes! =D

The Deodorant RM90

How Nice If I Could Buy All 4 For ene..

Colourful Vibrant Collection!

So, ene's items for hantaran is RM279 altogether. Aku punya pulak dah dekat RM400. Haha.. banyak gila beza.. nasib la kan.. siapa suruh tak pakai mekap =p

After we were done at Aeon Bukit Tinggi, we headed to the Sunway Pyramid to lepak-lepak with ene's friends. Wanted to watch a movie, but most of the movies there were chinese movies. Chinese New Year la katakan.. So, we went for dinner at Popeye's, instead. Abe came shortly after that.

After dinner, they wanted to watch bola pulak. Since ene's gonna send me home and Shah needed to send Huda home as well, they decided to go lepak at Beriyani Gam in Seri Kembangan. Abe had no choice but to follow. Hehe. Ahaw came shortly after that.

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