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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Engagement Update: Kain & Selendang!

Finally, I nailed it! Heeeee..

After my A|X handbag and wallet, this is considered my second item I bought for my engagement. (Actually my first. A|X was bought by ene for my wedding hantarans :p)

It's been a loooong day. I yawned just to think about it.

Azila asked me to teman her to go to Jalan TAR today. She wanted to look for her veil and Hairil's songket. At first, I was a bit skeptical to go thinking about the condition in Jalan TAR. But then, it's a good thing also to go cuci mata since I'm myself looking for many things for my own wedding. Even if I didn't buy anything today, at least, I know what can I find there, right? And to my surprise, I've found a lot things that I've been searching for and didn't know where to find. I instantly fell in love with Jalan TAR. No wonder everybody is saying Jalan TAR is much better than Nilai 3. Now I can clearly see why.

So, we planned to go by train. That's the most convenient way looking at it since neither of us were really rajin to drive to that hell on earth. Azila came to pick me up around 9.30am. Then, we dropped by the gerai nasi lemak near my Metro Driving Academy to get some breakfast. Hampeh punya Azila she didn't tell me she had breakfast :|

After I bought my pack of nasi lemak with sambal daging, we drove off to Bukit Jalil Star LRT station. But suddenly Azila's car jerked. Looking at the dashboard, there was this little light shaped like an engine was blinking. Soon enough, she drove to the workshop and I drove my car to pick her up and then off we went to the LRT station. Pheww.. sangkak sungguh.

We reached around 11.00am and the place was already rush hour. Dipendekkan cerita, we went in to almost all the shops that was there in Jalan TAR. Azila bought songket for Hairil priced at RM680. After quite a bargain, she got RM460 for it. Nice. Sangat cantik the colour.

So, we continued our way to the Semua House walking through the streets full of people and stuff on our way there. Nasib baik air-cond, that cooled us down a lot. Like.. A LOT. So, we basically went into all of the shops there looking for.. everything. We went to the shops named Yen Riben and SinMin. Both are chinese shops, but the things inside are really good stuff for malay weddings. Love both shops. I looked through rows and rows of artificial flowers and arrangement. They were like endless! And we saw these really nice flowerballs hanging at the entrance of the shops. Priced from RM10.90 to RM25.90 (this is for the 2-tiers).

There were also hantaran trays being sold there. Nice ones. And I saw these basket-like tray, threaded with thick white rope. The price is RM15. Buy one free one. How about that? Murah, kan? Beli 12, baru RM90. The price is quite the same if I rent it from the Kak Tina. The difference is, I got all the basket for myself. :) Boleh pakai masa nikah pulak. And then boleh pakai lepas kahwin buat letak-letak barang. ;)) I wanted to buy, but it'll be messy for me to carry it around since we still had so many shop to go outside the Semua House. So, I decided to come again with mama this Tuesday. 

So we didn't buy anything, though. Cuci mata, as I said.

We dropped by Sogo to have our lunch. I ordered my all-time-favourite, the small flame and Azila had the light baked dory with rice at the Manhattan Fish Market.

Small Flame RM19.90

Baked Dory with Rice (Light) RM10.90

Mine consists of dory fillet (it's soooo soft!), three tiger prawns topped with cheese (the waiter torched the cheese in front of us and the smell was sooooo nice!), some boiled broccoli and carrots and flavoured rice. A very nice conbination dikala perut sangat kelaparan dan kaki sangat kepenatan. Azila's consists of baked dory fillet, some veggies just like mine and rice.

After the hearty lunch, we continued our journey with perut yang kembung dan kenyang. We walked pass most of the shops, we stopped and asked for selendangs. Some were quite nice, some were quite pricey. Tanya punya tanya, I got this nice pink net selendang for only RM45. Cheap, huh? Actually, it's more like a D-shaped veil. Thinking that I would only be wearing it once, I beli je la. The beads aren't that heavy, but I'm thinking to add some up later. Kan nak beli beads untuk baju aku lagi.. boleh la tumpang sekaki.. hehe :p

Pink Net Selendang RM45 and French Chiffon 4-meter RM96

Bought at Maya Silk

Sorry for the Bad Picture. Camera Phone.
Azila bought hers as well, lain kedai la.. told ya we went in to every single shops there were in Jalan TAR :D Kaki macam nak meletup dah masa tu, tapi jalan jugak.. nak kahwin punya pasal hahaaha.. She got hers at Maya. Her theme is off-white, so it's kinda tricky to find the selendang. Luckily, we found it at Maya Silk. Hers was a beaded chiffon since Hairil's mother prefers her to wear tudung, it's kinda inappropriate for her to wear a net selendang. Tapi cantik jugak. I've always loved chiffon.

Talking to the assistant, aku saje la tanya-tanya dia kot-kot ada kain chiffon. Rupanya ada. Very nice pink colour! Tak tunggu lama, aku terus beli 4-meter. (But that was after I called for advice la, from mama hehehe). When mama said okay, aku terus beli. I just love the colour! But I didn't buy the lining, only the chiffon since mama said she could get it for RM5 per meter. Kat sini RM12 per meter. Tapi satin laa.. I don't think the one mama told me was satin. It's kain belachu or something..

So, there you have it. My one day at Jalan TAR. Exhausting.. Tiring.. Exciting.. all in one. We headed back around 6.00pm, dropped Azila off at the workshop and I went home with a heart full of tiny colourful confettis thinking about how my big day would be like..

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