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Monday, 28 November 2011

Reception Update: Hantaran (Armani!)

It's a long and tiring day. But joyful =D

It's a national public holiday, Awal Muharram. Went to the Pavilion for our continuous hunts of on sale stuff for our big day. That's the reason why I said tiring but joyful =p

We reached Pavilion around 1.00pm. I knew it was going to be a long walk today so I chose to wear my pink flat Skechers. Feels so comfy! =p

Technically we went in every each stores that's in the Pavilion. At first, I feel like it was such a waste of time since I just wanna go to Aldo, Nine West and Charles & Keith. But I was kinda glad we went to every retail outlets that was there. Wanna know why? Read this entry til the very bottom of it.

Went in Padini Concept Store and saw this nice cute flats hanging on the Vincci's rack. It's a simple flats with small flower prints on it. It was priced RM45 but it's on 50% off. Looked nice so I bought it since my Skechers are getting worn out already.

After going to some of the shops, we were hungy. We went to Subway since there is this buy one, free one promotion going on. Got to know about it here. You should read check out this website often, guys. It's a useful website for shopaholics! =D

How it looks like in the paper. There's two coupon, peeps!
We wanted to have the Italian B.M.T. ene was about to use the coupon when he saw the Sub-Of-The-Day bunting. It's Monday and it's Italian B.M.T! How can we forget that today is Monday. Just our luck so we can save the coupon for some other day. (You guys know right that if you buy the Sub-Of-The-Day, the Sub is priced half than the normal price?)

My Baby
Feeling full, we continue our journey looking for hantaran item. Was a bit worried though since I haven't got anything for myself yet. ene by the least, he already got his cK shirt. Sigh.

We went from one shop to another. Went in to Nine West and Aldo. There were some shoes on sale that's in my budget. But didn't find the design nice. Either it's too heavy or too simple. (The shoes will be displayed on a tray, remember? So, the design plays a VERY important role in this case).

Then we went to Armani. Saw a nice bag. And nice price. RM1440. I quickly put it back. When I was about to turn around and walk out, I was this one bag with a price tag dangling from the bag. It stated RM540. RM540?? As fast as I can, I reached at the bag and looked carefully at the price. I thought my eyes was playing with me, but it wasn't. It is RM540. And guess what's the best part? It has 30% discount! That time I can see the bag is glittering and shining as though it wants me to take it home.

A|X Python Print Hand/Shoulder Bag RM540
It's so my style of bag. I love the shoulder strap especially as I sometimes kinda lazy to hand carry my bags. The perfect bag for the girl on the go! Textured reptile finish and bold hardware give this bag a chic look that works day into night. The attachable long cross-body strap also makes this an any occasion bag. Wanted to get it but I need to have a matching wallet to go with it. (It will also be displayed side by side together with the bag). Then I found it.

A|X Python Print Wallet RM270
Omg. All of the wallets are made to match most of the handbags here! I became gaga at the outlet looking for the most suitable match. After thinking long and hard, I decided to choose the above wallet. It's such a match made in heaven, don't you think? It's RM280. Ohh.. not to forget. It's also 30% off! Boy.. I'm so buying you. This reptile wallet has a sophisticated textured look and gold hinge hardware. Textured faux reptile wallet double bill compartment 6 credit card slots and 4 open pockets inside zipper coin pocket Fit 5.75" w, 4" h, 1.25" gold hinge hardware. The fabric is 100% imported PVC.

The girl behind the counter wrapped both items with thin papers and put it in a clear shopping bag. My heart went into the bag as well together with the wrapped item. ene paid for it. My heart blooms uncontrollably. My first Armani collection!

But, I have to wait a year before I can open the wrappers. Oh boy.. I hope they will be safe and sound underneath those paper wrappers and plastics. ene.. please take good care of them for me.

Here's the ads for both of the items..

The flats are quite nice, aren't they?

Accessories to match
Couldn't get my hands on both of my lovelies.. I guess pictures should do for now..

We stopped at Starbuck's for a while to re-energize with coffee. My feet are screaming with pain and so did ene's. He ordered his favourite drink, Caramel Macchiato.

He's All-Time-Favourite Drink, Caramel Macchiato
I wanted some chocolate-based drink but ene ordered me this new range of Christmas drink, Toffee Nut. And boy, it was delicious.

Peppermint Mocha, Toffee Nut Latte and Dark Cherry Mocha
Would really try the Dark Cherry Mocha next time. Looks delicious, right?

Our last pit-stop was KL Syuuk Burger owned by ene's good friend, Shah. We had our Subway around 3.00pm so we were still full. We wanted to find something light plus we wanted to lepak-lepak and support our friend's busines.

The Banner

The Stall
I reached home around 10.00pm. Changed my clothes, dribble a bit in my buku kawen and dozed off to the dreamland.

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