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Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Manhattan Fish Market, Mid Valley

The long weekend is here! I'm so excited!

I was supposed to go running, joining the Larian Perpaduan 7KM Little India Klang 2011 in Stadium Kota Raja, Padang Sultan Sulaiman, Klang today. But since ene got a weekend off from class, we decided to go detink-detink. It's quite hard to get a weekend spent together nowadays. With ene busy with his classes, I need to find my own activtities, right?

The Run @ 05/11/2011
 But I guess, I'm gonna give today an exception. We don't know when we would be able to go out together on a weekend again. So, I decided to miss the run. After all, it's just 7KM, right. ene is way more important than the run. Am I sweet, or am I sweet? =p

So.. off we go.. hopping from malls to malls hunting for warehouse sales items. ene thought it would be nice to start hunting some things for our hantaran. Read some in shoppingnsales. Our first stop was Ampang Park. Read about Jaspal clearance sale. Nothing much left though since it already started few days back.

Next, we went to the Hartamas Shopping Centre. I read about Sanuk and Fashion clearance sale. The Sanuk sale was still kinda expensive, according to flip flop enthusiast, ene. The Fashion Clearance was kinda okay. There were Nine West, JLo, Paris Hilton, Guess etc. Mostly shoes and handbags. Was thinking to buy the Nine West shoes for hantaran, but thought it was too early. After all, there will be more sales in the coming month. Christmas sale is coming, right?

 Empty handed, and hungry. and tired, we went to Mid Valley. Basically, to watch movie, than dinner, than coffee.

The movie queue line was extremely empty. hehe. Wanted to watch In Time so much, but the time wasn't that suitable. (Syah, Huda and Abe were coming to join for coffee afterwards, so it was kinda a rush).

So, we went straight to look for food. Hungry and starving both of us agreed to go to The Manhattan Fish Market. Saw the set for two called Best Seafood for two. Looked nice. RM49.90. The price was a bargain, don't you think?

There.. Best Seafood For Two RM49.90

We started our dish with:

Quad Delights (Original Price: RM15.90)
It consists of Fried Calamari (quite leathery, though), Fried Country Mushroom (love this one!), Fried Shrimp (this one is my favourite!) and Coleslaw with Raisins served with Chili sauce, Tartar sauce and Garlic butter sauce.

Then, we got our Garden Salad:
Garden Salad (Original Price: RM8.90)
Just the usual crunchy greens. But I loved the sauce. It was served with Cajun Honey Mustard. And it was so tasty!

Next, our fish:

Manhattan Baked Dory in Garden Herbs (Original Price: RM18.90)
This one was really a catch! Baked Dory in wholesome garden herbs served on a bed of Garlic Herb Rice with scrumptious broccoli and carrots. The fish was really soft and tender. Just it has too much herbs on it, it looked a bit like ground inai =p

The last that came to us was this:

Shrimp My Olio (Original Price: RM17.90)
I don't know if I was starting to feel full or the olio tasted blunt. I only took 2 forkful with some shrimps and ene finished up everything. It doesn't look tasty, does it? Oh well.. I think I was so full by this time.

And the set was consists of two glasses of Coca-Cola worth RM5.90 per glass.

I think it was such a great saving having the set meal. The all-in-all price is RM73.40 but we only get to pay RM49.90. It's such a bargain, right? With the delicious food and all. But, I have always love Manhattan Fish Market, anyway..

P/S: It turned out that it was raining cats and dogs this afternoon in Klang. Effa told us. A blessing in disguise, don't you think? =p

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