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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Hectic Sunday

I am half awake while writing this entry. It has been a really looooong day today..

I woke up at exactly 4.45am. Why, you asks? Because I'm running for the CICM Responsible Care Run 2011 in Setia Alam. Yepp.. it was that early because the event started at 6.15am and since we are quite far from Setia Alam, we need to start our journey at 5.15am.

The morning was so serene and peaceful. I haven't woken up this early since years back. Abah drove me there and we reached around 6am. After dropping off my baggage at the baggage counter, I gathered with other runner at the starting line. Bumped into my fellow runner, Irwan. We ran together at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon last July.

The course was quite okay. Not so hilly, not so flat. We weren't cramped up while running as the roads were very wide there. The only downfalls for me would be some of the parts of the road were quite dirty due to the lorries and tractors are coming in and out of the place. Setia Alam is a still very new housing estate and there are still a lot development going on here and there. So, the soil and water makes the roads there really dirty and muddy and smudgy. Luckily it was only at some parts of the roads.

I was kinda lazy to run this time. Not sure why and i finished in 03:10:59. Bad, I know. Luckily I still got the medal. Hehe.. But, there was this one thing happened that was out of my imagination and have never ever EVER expected this ridiculous thing would happen in a RUNNING event..


Can you believe this? I can't. I meant, it was supposed to be a running event. Even though the participation wasn't as huge as KL Marathon or Penang Bridge Marathon, they need to at least supply adequate amount of drinks to runners. Don't they know how thirsty the runners are panting and exhausting at the finishing line? After they got their medal, what are they looking for? Don't they learn from mistakes? Thirst, exhausted and dehydration can lead to death. I guess, they never learn from others mistakes.

I didn't even wait for the lucky draws. Need to find water fast. So, went out to the parking lot to find my parents waiting for me. Luckily Abah always carry two bottles of mineral water in the car. You're such a saviour, Abah!

Then we went straight to Syed's Bistro for breakfast. That's their usual dating spot. Instead of roti canai or anything light, I headed straight to the Nasi Beriyani counter. Had Ayam Madu as the side dish. Not as what I expected, quite frustrating, though. Couldn't finish the ayam, so I tapau-ed for the kucings at home.

Napped for an hour and a half, then got straight up. Washed up and out I went. The plan was to fetch ene then go straight to Mid Valley to collect Nike We Run KL 10K 2011 race kit and meeting ene's mom about her baju kurung later in the evening.

The Event Banner
 Got to the Mid Valley car park and it was one hell of a place. Looking for a parking lot for like 15 minutes and I gave up. Asked ene to wait in the car while I rushed up for the race kit. Luckily there wasn't any queue since it was already Sunday (and luckily I didn't go yesterday =p).

The dri-fit t-shirt is nice. But. it doesn't fit me. It was too small! I asked for XS because talking from experience, sport's brands sizing are slightly bigger than other fashion brand. Argh. Should've asked for S or even M. Bummer.

Other things included in the race kit was Nike water bottle, which I'm not a big fan of.. the one you need to suck the water out from. Yuck. Hate it.

Done at the race kit collection point, I headed down to the car park. And then i saw it.

Crispy Popiah RM6
Maybe because I've just completed 21K run, I kept on wanting to eat and eat and eat. So, I grabbed one packet (it was still hot!) and went down to meet ene.

Sharing the popiah in the car with ene while feeding him (Aaawww..), we talked about where to head after this. ene wanted to see the clearang sale of  Zara and Massimo Dutti that was happening at Jaya One, PJ.

Nothing much interests me so we left. It was raining and cold and I was feeling like having a nice cup of white coffee. Went to Pappa Rich and chatted about two hours then when to Mali's Corner for a Nasi Lemak session.

Nasi Lemak Ayam Rempah
 With a tummy full with Nasi Lemak, we headed back to ene's house to meet his mom. Thought it would be only us. But it turned out that Abang Wan and Falsya were also there having dinner. They just got back from meeting the caterer for their reception. And I was forced to eat again. Adeh..

The plan of just 'dropping by' to see his mom turned out to be a long chat with them as I was accidentally involved in their wedding prep discussion. Haih.. Layan kan aje..

Told ya it's gonna be a loooong entry =p

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