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Friday, 18 November 2011

Reception Update: The Hantaran (Calvin Klein!)

My veeeeeeeeeery long holiday is here! Yeayy! =p

Since I still have another 10 days of annual leave to finish up til December, I decided to take a 5 long days of leave to pamper myself of running, shopping, feasting, wedding invitation as well as weekend retreat! My leave is on now until 22nd November 2011. Jealous? You should be, peeps! =p

Today is Friday, so I asked ene to ponteng his Friday prayer (evil, I know, but only for today. I swear!) and take a half day leave to go to KLCC for shopping! It's the first day of Isetan Member Card's Day sale today. I thought this would be a good chance for us to find something branded but cheap for our hantaran.

So, I went to KL to pick ene up at the NZ mamak near KLCC. He was having a drink there with Syikin and Ajis. And boy, it was raining so heavily I couldn't see the road.

So, we went to KLCC and started looking for things to buy and waste our monthly salary with. We went to Isetan first and ene saw this Asics running shoes. 'Okay dear, that isn't for our hantaran,' I remembered myself said. But he went and bought it anyway. It's quite cheap, though. RM149.

I wore my red stiletto today as I thought it would be just like the same dating pattern as always - walk for 15 minutes and relaxing and chatting over coffee till dark. Boy, I was wrong. ene has been possessed by the shopping ghosts and  dragged me the whole day to walk into each and every retail outlets there is in KLCC. Believe it or not? Believe it. =|

My feet was about to explode when he finally said he wanted coffee. Pheww! We sat and chatted about our wedding preps for about 2 hours when he dragged me back to my feet for another round of window shopping. Duh.

Luckily, at last he bought this nice charcoal black cK shirt. The original price was RM399 and the discounted price was RM169. Such a bargain, huh? We were so excited with our first bought item for our hantaran. The search of hantarans has finally started! Feeling giddy and eager, I paid for the shirt since he'll be buying my things in the future. Need to put a note and record every little thing we buy for this wedding, though.

cK Shirt for ene RM169 Only!

 We left KLCC at about 8.30pm and headed straight to Wisma Sejarah for Rose & Fauze's wedding reception. It was quite a nice wedding with very unique pelamin of mirrors. Have never seen that before. The bride and groom sat there so beautifully with the bride holding a hand bouquet. We went straight to the buffet table first before snapping more pictures.

Yepp.. was so hungry, I finished mine to the last bite.
Ergh.. I really need to do something with my hair. It looked so ugly. Too long and too frizzy and to lame and too everything. I really wanted to have short bob hair like before. But I need to keep my hair long for the sanggul. Argh helpp!

The Bagai-Pinang-Dibelah-Dua Couple

The door gift
I was just having my drink when suddenly I saw the door gift. They bought it from the Wedding Cottage! I was just looking at the Wedding Cottage's website this morning. The spice jar is so cute with the red and white checkered cloth wrapped around it. It look something like the jar in the picture. Been thinking to get some ideas from the website and DIY it myself =p For those who are about to get married, do check out their website ya!

We left around 10.00pm and went to Nisma to wrap up our day. Discussed a bit more about our wedding preps (there's so many thing to do!) and I went home around 12 midnight since I need to wake up early for the Penang trip. Oh.. forgot to mention, I'm going to run Penang Bridge International Marathon tomorrow! Yipppeeeee! =D

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