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Monday, 7 November 2011

In Time

It's Monday.

Been lazying the whole day till my back hurt yesterday. Decided to go out and smell the flowers today. Or I will definitely die watching another Anna Olson rerun.

Asked ene if he would want to go catch a movie or a cuppa coffee. As usual, he said yes and yes. (I'm smiling just typing about this) I love you for this. =p

We decided to stay close since both of us will be working tomorrow. Couldn't stay out too late, though. Went to Wangsa Walk to watch In Time. Nice movie, I should say. The story line was quite good. Unique. But I don't think JT and Amanda Seyfried are suitable for that kinda of character. I meant, JT and Amanda? Action movie? Seriously? Not a good idea. These kinda heavy movies need to be supported by a stronger anti-hero character.. like.. Jason Statham.. or Gerard Butler.. or anybody else who've got at least a rougher or hoarser voice. Just my opinion, though..

Here are some of the movie posters I found on the internet:

We went for coffee before the movie started. Thought of going to FullHouse. Love the the ambiance.. so garden-like. So, we ordered coffee. "We don't have coffee," said the waitress. Err.. owhkaay.. what kind of garden cafe that doesn't serve coffee? At all??

Oh well.. so we went to Rotiboy, instead. Bought the signature buns, hot coffee and choco dinosaur. Nothing special, though. Just the usual butter-filled buns, hot coffee and iced chocolate. Boring.

After the movie, we were hungry. Went to Mali's Corner for Nasi Lemak and Char Kuey Teow. Tutup pulak. Raya Haji.. Duhh.

We wrapped up our detink-detink session with Satay Kajang Hj. Samuri.

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