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Thursday, 1 December 2011

I'm On Travel 3Sixty!

Came in to the office this morning with my usual mood swings and severe laziness when Danny said to me, "Glamour lah you.."
I was like, "..huh..?"
"Login on Facebook"

That was the next thing I did after putting my bag and sitting down at my desk. And guess what? My picture with the girls are featured in the in-flight magazine, Travel 3Sixty! :D OMG! OMG! OMG! I'm on a magazine! Wanna see? The magazine is available for online readers. Click on the link and scroll to page 86 and tadaaaaa..! :D

The picture is the headline for the article '10 Memorable Years' of AirAsia. Eventhough AirAsia X haven't been 10 years yet, but I guess they chose that picture as the headline because it is full with beautiful smiling girls just so nice! With the AirAsia X newest aircraft on the background, the picture is just perfect. :)

Here's the picture Danny tagged me on Facebook while he was flying to god-knows-where:

Me in The Middle! :D
Two of my friends did get the chance to see my picture live on the magazine while they were onboard =p Wawa saw it while she was flying to Manila and Adam saw it while he was flying to Saigon. He even tagged me on Facebook =p

Me Again! =p
Looks like I'm gonna a Star this month :D

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