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Monday, 12 December 2011

4th Day @ ene's

The busy day is over finally. Pheww!

I've been waiting for today. ene and I, we were gonna go shopping today! And also to celebrate his birthday. A moment just for the two of us, at last. I meant, with all the rushing, hassle, busy these three days with ene's brother's wedding almost made me forget how it feels like to be alone with ene. We've been so close but yet so far these three days at ene's house. We see each other every single day from early morning til late night, but we don't really feel the attachment since we were so busy doing our assigned tasks. and helping out at the wedding.

I woke up around 7.30am. Wanted to sleep in a little bit more, but I guess I still need to wake up early since I'm still at ene's house. Although her mother was quite warm to me, I don't want to get too comfy at her house. After all, I'm still nobody to her, right? :)

After washing up, I don't really have much to do. ene was still sound asleep in front of the tv (with still holding the remote). ene's mother was pressing the baju melayus that has just been washed. Then the phone rang. She went to pick up the call and I helped her with the pressings. After putting down the phone, she said she's going to make me breakfast. I was like.. aww.

When I went down for breakfast, she made me a mug of nescafe. Some fried squid balls, cheesy sausages, keropok lekor and some other fried thingy has already served on the table. We chatted while having breakfast. We chatted for quite sometimes, though. She told me a lot of things about the family (a sign that she has accepted me as family, right? =p) which some of the things I didn't expect to know about. She was being quite opened to me. And I really like that. Thank you, Aunty. :)

We got ready to go detink-detink around 12.30noon. Our actual plan was to go to Mid Valley and the Gardens since we haven't go Sale Hunting there this year-end sale. But boy, there were traffic jams everywhere at the Mid Valley Boulevard. I think it was because, all the Selangorians were going shopping as well since today was a public holiday. Hate it when this happened.

So, we changed our plan to go to 1-Utama. It was quite hard to find a parking lot as well, but it wasn't as tough as Mid Valley. But guess what, after like half-an-hour we reached there, ene's brother called, saying he wanted to have dinner with all of us tonight as a thank you gift and also to celebrate ene's birthday. And that moment also I just realized that I left my mobile at his house. Haha.

So, we went straight to Secret Recipe to have some cakes to celebrate ene's birthday (and also because secret recipe is having this promotion, buy a slice of cake and get a cup of long black coffee/ flat white coffee/ organic tea for free =p).

Chocolate Indulgence. Yummy!

Strawberry Marshmallow Cheese. Super yummy!
We ordered two types of cakes in order to get a cups of drinks. Chocolate Indulgence was just so-so to me. Tasted like chocolate and loads of fresh cream (eaten this many times already. Kinda bored of the blunt taste). I love the Strawberry Marshmallow Cheese! It has three layers of goodness. The first layer is the crust, usually made from finely crushed biscuits. The second layer is the cheese. Tastes almost like the classic cheesecake, only better and the top layer is the tastiest. It is the mixture of tangy and sweet strawberry bits jam, soft and sweet marshmallow chunks and fresh cream. It was a complete taste of perfection. Will go again for that. For drinks, I had flat white coffee (as usual) and ene had long black.

After having our drinks, we went jalan-jalan for a while searching for my Aldo and Nine West shoes. Yeah.. I know. I still want Nine West even though Falsya got it for her hantaran. After all, It's gonna a year until my wedding. Who could've remembered? =p

Saw this nice stilettos with rhinestones on it. Priced at RM429 and discounted at RM300. Wanted to grab it but ene asked to wait for another offer since we were quite in a rush that time. Oh well..

Nice, huh. Looks something like this, only higher
We never found Aldo. So, we went home for the dinner. The dinner was at the TGI Friday's, Wangsa Walk located in Wangsa Maju. There were five of us. ene's mother, brother, Falsya, ene himself and I. I had the nicest short ribs of all time. I didn't know TGIF short ribs was this delicious! ene's brother ordered the Friday's Three-For-All as appetizers.

A snap before the food arrive

Friday's Three-For-All RM35.90
I just love this appetizer! It consists of three really tasty stuff! Fried Mozarella, Mozzarella cheese coated in special Italian-style breading then deep-fried, served with a rich marinara sauce. Loaded Potato Skins, loaded with cheddar cheese and crisp beef bits, served with sour cream and green onions. Spicy Buffalo Wings, the traditional upstate New York-style chicken wings marinated in spicy sauce then deep-fried, served with crisp celery sticks and tangy Bleu Cheese dressing. I went googoogaagaa for this.

My Friday's Braised Short Ribs RM50.90
I would go again for this. That time, I was kinda full from the afternoon cakes and I couldn't finish up the ribs. But it was damn nice. It was so moist and tender! I've never loved beef like this. The ribs are slowly braised in their own savory juices. It was served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. The taste of garlic really brings out the flavour of the ribs.

Friday's Beef Ribs RM52.90
ene's brother ordered this. He said, it was tasty. But not as tasty as Tony Roma's. This beef ribs is expertly cooked to ensure they're fall-off-the-bone tender. Then, they're fire-grilled and glazed with tangy barbecue sauce and serve with crispy fries.

Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp RM32.90
ene's mother ordered this since she is allergic to beef. Looked tasty but I couldn't have a taste of it since we were sitting quite far from each other. It consists of sautΓ©ed garlic-marinated chicken breast and plump shrimp tossed with zesty roma tomato-basil salsa. Served with onions and peppers and our cheddar cheese mashed potatoes on a sizzling platter of melted Colby and Jack cheeses.

Friday's Grilled Salmon RM45.90
Falsya ordered this. A chargrilled North Atlantic salmon fillet served with seasonal vegetables and cheddar cheese mashed potatoes. I didn't bother to try this since I've eaten it before during my lasy day in Bright Mind Resources. My boss, Amal, bought us lunch to celebrate my farewell. For me, the fish was quite dry (After all, it's grilled salmon. How else could it tasted like, right?). But I really love the mashed potatoes as it was ribboned with melted cheddar cheese. You can never go wrong with cheese, can you?

Abang Wan and Falsya Feasting

The Food From ene's Mother's View

After we have done eating, the staff suddenly approached us with a plate of desserts. Falsya and ene's brother made a surprise for him for his birthday hehe.. 

The Birthday Boy I Love

Blow the Candle, Sayang!

The Desserts on the Plate. Mini Delights 1 @RM 3.90, 3 @ RM 9.90 and 5 @ RM 15.90
From left:
Chocolate Oreo Mint Crunch: Irresistible velvety, chocolate-mint custard covered with crunchy Oreo® cookie crumbles.
Strawberry Parfait: Delectable, creamy-rich vanilla custard crowned with a juicy-fresh strawberry.
Mocha Latte: Luscious mocha custard topped with fresh whipped cream and dusted with cocoa powder.
Snickers Treat: Decadent, sweet chocolate custard covered with chunks of chewy Snickers® bar.
Tropical Delight: Scrumptious coconut custard sprinkled with toasted coconut flakes and pieces of fresh sweet pineapple.

We Really had a Great Time.. :)
Just the usual stuff of celebrating.. standing on the chair.. giving a speech with a ketchup bottle in his hand.. we sang happy birthday and candle blowing. It was such a nice moment.

And at the same time, I couldn't stop thinking.. we were so busy celebrating our birthdays with friends doing what youngsters do best during our younger years, we just forget how warmth and nice it can be celebrating with family.. And I think.. this is the beginning of celebrating special occasions with family instead of friends..

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