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Friday, 9 December 2011

1st Day @ ene's

It's a holiday today!

 Why you ask? It's AirAsia 10th Birthday! Got an email from Tony asking us to join the biggest party in 10 years (sadly, ene wont't let me. I know he's worried about me being at those kinda wild parties, but I still regret of not going. I really wanted to go, though. Sigh). Then at the bottom of the email, he announced that Friday is gonna be an AirAsia holiday! I felt like jumping on my feet. I meant, a straight 4-day holiday! Jealous? Yeah, you should! =p

I was so glad to know that since I need to do a lot of things today. I need to be at ene's house around 9.00pm. But before that, I need to go the the salon for a treatment, then to Jusco to buy new shoes. Running errands like this can take a lot of time especially the salon part. =|

To cut the story short, I reached ene's around 9.00pm. Wearing only my sleeping attire, I was so shocked, there was guests. There was a car in front of his house. Oh my god. I was so embarrassed to go inside. I called ene and scolded him for not telling me earlier. He said, he didn't know. He was upstairs.

So, I came in. Shake hands with his mum and sat beside her. It was such an awkward moment! The guests was his cousin's family.

Then, the most epic awkward moment of all time happened.

Cousin: Eddie, bila pulak nak kawen? Abang awak dah nak settle dah.

Uh oh.. I'm starting to sweat involuntarily. 

ene: (Looking at me) Insya Allah, tengok la kalau ada rezeki.. tahun depan..

By now, my heart is beating faster than an oncoming train. I thought it will stop there. Boy, I was wrong.

Cousin: Wahh.. dah ada calon la ni?

ene: (Looking at me again) Nii...

I felt like I was about to faint.

We headed to bed around 12 something. Slept in his mom's room. Tomorrow's gonna be a long and busy day.

Below are the hantaran from the groom's side for the bride's side. Couldn't get the pictures of the bride's to the groom's since the things were already at Falsya's house. Need to wait until tomorrow to see them, though..

Nine West Black Peep-Toe Stilettos

Savatore Ferragamo Perfume Set and Dior Make-up Set

Braun Buffel Black Handbag

The 8K Dowry

The Telekung and Sejadah Set

The Mas Kahwin and The Ring

The Langkah-Bendul Present for the Elder Sister

Death By Chocolate

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