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Sunday, 11 December 2011

3rd Day @ ene's

So the Solemnization Ceremony has finally ended. Abang Wan and Falsya has safely become a newly wed. So happy for them.. I really hope my turn will come quick.

Now, the time for the reception. I don't have any pictures with me as they haven't finalized everything yet. Will update later.

So, me and Azila's job at the reception was to be the bridesmaid to the bride. Not the one who's standing beside the bride, but the one who's giving the bunga telur after the guests done their upacara merenjis.

We got up around 6.30am to get ready. Only ene's mother and little brother, Azila and I will be going this early. ene will be going with the boys, Shah and Panjang. Went for breakfast at Sri Gombak area. Had this really nice Wantan Mee with Sesame Fried Chicken. It was so tasty! It even comes with a bowl of soup. You can opt to put in dumplings in the soup or just the fried ones. And I opted for the fried ones.

Azila and I Opted for Wantan Mee with Sesame Chicken and Fried Dumplings. Taken from eatlah

ene's Little Brother's Wantan Mee with Dumplings in Hot Soup. Taken from wikistreetfood

ene's Mother's Char Kuey Teow. Taken From Shopaholic
After a hefty breakfast, we headed to the hall. The dais is already up. Nice and looking so grande. It was a three-panel dais. But the pillars were so big, it looks like a real place for the King. The dais was provided by Sirih Junjung and it was price at RM3,500. It's considered quite cheap for me as this kinda big dais usually are priced around RM8,000 - RM10,000 easy. Oh and they told us this is one of their new dais. They only have installed it for the second time.

They Even Made Our Dais as the Headline! =p
Nice, huh? So, after checking out the dais, I went to change for my silver baju kurung. Then I waited for ene to have our lunch together before starting our day. The food was provided by Ekhwan Services. This was the second time I had food from Ekhwan. The first one was at Abe's brother's reception. And boy, it was so delicious. The menu were:
  • Nasi Bariani Ekhwan (Basmathi A1 Pakistan)
  • Nasi Putih
  • Ayam Masak Merah
  • Daging Bariani Ekhwan
  • Dalca Sayuran
  • Acar Buah
  • Papadom
  • Minuman Kordial & Air Mineral
  • Pencuci Mulut: 2 Jenis Kuih Tradisional & Buah Orange
The Newly Wed
Guests started coming in around 11.30am. The boys were assigned to wait for the guests at the main entrance and I will be following the Bride and Groom from the lobby.

The Couple Cutting the Cake
My task took me less than half an hour. I was so relieved after my task was done. Since I had nothing else better to do, I went with the guys and chatted while waiting for my family as they promised to come. They came around 3.30pm and headed back around 4.00pm. We had another round of food at 4.30pm after all guests has gone home. I was so hungry okayy! Got to taste the wedding cake as well. =p

Azila and I Were Getting Ready to Give the Bunga Telur to Guests

The Lovely Little Zapin Dancers

The Reception
 All and all, the reception ended around 5.00pm. After we loaded all the presents, we headed straight back home with sore bodies.

Late in the evening, we went to Falsya's house for the opening presents ceremony. They got quite a lot of present for thier wedding. Oh boy.. such a wonderful celebration of love. I really hope that my wedding would just as nice as theirs..

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