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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Boss's Wedding @ Kuala Selangor

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Taken From Crazy Frankenstein

We had such a long journey today.. It's Boss and Ida's reception today. In Kuala Selangor. Jauhkan? They got married around September if I'm not mistaken. Reception of Ida's side was around that month as well. This reception is on Boss's side. Since I didn't go the Ida's reception, I decided to go to this one out of respect of our friendship. ene was lazy to go at first because Kuala Selangor is like one and the half hours from KL. But since I really wanted to go, I asked Azila to come with me. She said okay (She always backs me up no matter what the issues are. I love you bebeh! :) )

But then, last night, out of God-knows-why, ene decided to go (Yeayy!). So, Azila and I left home around 11.00am (I was driving). Picked ene up at his house around 12.00noon and off we go. The journey was so far, we practically had nothing lefy to talk about.

We got there around 1.30pm and to our surprise, their reception was in the stadium. IN THE STADIUM! Wow.. Boss, hats off for you! :D Boss and Ida came in while we were having our lunch. We were so hungry that time, but how unlucky we are.. the food were about to finish.. haih..

So, we sat for a while watching the couple looking beautifully sitting on the dais. People came up to them for tepung-tawar and congratulated them. Dev was his bestman.

We left around 2.30pm and headed to The Curve for a drink. We went to The Gardens (check out their website, cantik sangat!) to have ene's favourite Cappucino Viennese while I had just one of their infamous mocktails. Couldn't remember the name but I remember the tasteless liquid really well because it contained no sugar. I even put in ene's brown sugar sachet into my glass.. hehe..

We lepak just the three of us while waiting for Shah and Huda to come. They were on their way to The Curve as well when we called ajak lepak. We were there until around 5.00pm then we went to KK Home Deco in Kota Damansara since Azila wanted to buy some flowers for her hantarans. OMG.. they're having a knockdown sale! I wanted to buy some stuff for myself as well but ene objected saying we haven't really had the talk of Parents-to-Parents yet. I was so devastated hearing that. Sampai bila nak tunggu? You wanna wait til the price gone up then only you buy? Kecik hati sangat. I'm so excited about our wedding but he doesn't seem to care. I ended up didn't buy anything for my wedding. And I promised myself to stop caring and mentioning about it to ene.

We went to Azila's home to rest for a while. Then we headed to Kajang to have Satay Tembusu for our dinner.

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