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Saturday, 10 December 2011

2nd Day @ ene's

Today remarked the date on ene's brother's solemnization.

I think, all my life, this is the second time I watched a solemnization ceremony. I've always like solemnization ceremony. Especially when they use microphones. I like to listen to every details of the speech. =)

I wore a hot pink baju kurung today. and ene wore a soft pink baju melayu. I seldom see him in baju melayu, I felt like falling in love with him again. I didn't know, pink could really suits him.

Some of the Guests Having Their Breakfast
 I woke up as early as 6.30am to get ready and to help ene's mom make drinks for the guests. We were having breakfast at home before going to the mosque. The menu are Nasi lemak, roti jala, karipaps (beef and sardines), buah melaka, pulut panggang, hot nescafe and milk tea. I spent most of my time in the kitchen, making drinks and washing dishes. There were so many people in the house, I didn't know I need to be in front or just stay in the kitchen. It was kind of an awkward moment for me. At last, I decided to stay in the kitchen trying to keep myself busy.

We headed to the mosque at 10.00am as the solemnization started at 10.30am.

Everyone is in the Mosque Waiting for the Solemnization

The Bride and Groom
ene was his brother's bestman that day. He's looking really sweet with soft pink baju melayu that day. Looking at him sitting there behind his brother, I have this weird feeling. How would it be when our time has come. The moment when I am about to officially be his. How does it really feels like?

Abang Wan and My Dearest ene

The Groom Giving The Bride Her Dowry
The most uncomfortable moment was when Abang Wan hugged her mom. She cried so hard. I tried not to look because I could feel there was a lump in my throat. I tried not to burst with tears. It was such an emotional moment..

Mother-and-Son Moment with Me at the Background

The One
After the ceremony, we went to the bride's house to have lunch and headed back home. Pity for ene, he was having exam that day. After we came back, he quickly changed to his t-shirt and jeans, get his bag and went straight to the campus.

We were so tired after that, we fell asleep. Woke up around 4.30pm to go to the hall in Institut Intergriti Malaysia, Jalan Duta for a rehearsal. Unfortunately, the dais hadn't been up. We waited till around 6.00pm then headed home for dinner and to wash up. By this time, Azila was already here. ene's mom didn't want to go home as she wanted to stay and wait for the dais. So, ene's little brother, Azila and I headed back home.

ene was waiting at home to bring us to dinner. After taking our bath, we went to Ayam Penyet AP for dinner. I had my usual dish, Gado-Gado. It was fantastic! They improvised the peanut gravy and I really love it. It was so delicious. It's like complementing my very hungry tummy. =p


ene's. Doesn't Really Tastes Nice, He Said.

ene's Brother's Ayam Penyet

Azila's Bakso
I was so relieved to get to wash up and have dinner. After sending ene's little brother home (he needs to finish up his assignment. Poor thing), we headed back to the hall. And guess what. They still haven't arrived! So pity to ene's mother waiting for nothing. After she finished up her dinner (a tapau-ed Gado-Gado as well =p), ene suggested we go upstairs to the room provided by the management to rest and wash up. ene's mother took her bath while Azila and I resting.

ene went down to wait for the Dais to arrive. They started setting up around 12.30midnight and we decided to go home since it will only be ready in the morning.

Pheww.. what a busy day..

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