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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Wedding Fever

Today is full of weddings!

 Attended two of my friend's wedding today. Got up around 9.00am to get myself ready for the day. Thought of presenting myself a bit prettier than usual to ene, so I curled my hair. Not to make it too curly whirly, just to make it wavier, more volume and maintained. After I've done with my make-up, I slipped into my not-too-silver embroidered baju kurung. Lovely, just a silent thought to myself. :)

I started driving around 11.00-ish, went out early thinking there might be some traffic around Bukit Jalil area since there was Karnival Jom Heboh going on. I was wrong. I guess, it was still too early for people to wake up on Sundays going to the carnival. But, there were already some cars being parked at the side of the road, though. Not many, but there were.

Reached ene's around 12.00-ish, took ene's car and head straight to Rawang. Boy, we were early. We were dome eating at 12.45noon. So ene got us coffee and we waited for the others. Not long after that, most of them were already there. It was kinda nice to see everybody's face after some time. Panjang, Wan Poy, Ain, Weena, Diyana, Didie, Nana, Ajis (who I see everyday), Elis, Jeph (I love this guy), Dev, Balqis, Imran, Jafarul, and lots of other guys that I've never seen for quite a while. We stayed and chatted and laughed til it was around 3.30pm. Then we congratulate Ehsan and said our goodbyes.

After the wedding, we went to Tesco, Rawang (I told the guys, I wanted to find some nice silver baju kurung for ene's brother's wedding so Imran asked to go to his shop, Takzim Textiles located in Tesco, Rawang. He might give some discount if there were anything interests me there). There were lotsa retail outlet selling ready-made baju kurungs and jubahs. Got in a shop, tried one baju kurung. Oh boy.. I totally fell in love with this one. It was silver and full with beading at the front and nice-cutting and glamourous! But it was priced at RM259. Too expensive. Let's just try find at some other place, ene said. :(

So, we went from one shop to another. Saw Takzim Textiles. Went in. Nothing I fancied. Saw another shop, with three silver baju kurung hanging on the rack. Looked nice. Full beadings at the front, sized 38. I sized 36, but sometimes 38 should fit. ene asked for the price. Guess what? It was only RM100! Oh my! I wanted to say yes, but then ene tried to haggle a bit more and the guy lowered the price to RM90! I wanted to kiss ene! After trying on the baju kurung (it fits!), we paid for it and went off. Finally, my problem looking for a silver baju kurung finally ended. Pheww! Oh, ene paid half of it. Yup, i know, he's sweet. :)

Another wedding to attend..

Shah called, asking if we wanted to go to Meiza's wedding. Huh? Glanced at the clock.. it was nearly 5.30pm. He said, he already called Meiza saying we'll just be dropping by to pass the wedding gift. Oh well, since we have nothing else better to do, off we went. ene parked his car at home and Shah came with Abe (Abe's driving) and picked us up there.

And we reached Meiza's house in Kundang at 6.30pm. I've never gone to a wedding this late. Tables and chairs are already piled up. The caterers are gone. The tents are half dissembled. The party has ended. But Meiza invited us in anyway and we had our so-called lunch as dinner. After taking some pictures, we headed out since it was already maghrib and the family are already resting and stretching their legs.

Damn Camera Phone.

Hahahahah Oke Yang Ni Memang Kelakar!

The traffic was damn bad. It was raining heavily and the wind was blowing so hard and to make it worse, there were three trees uprooted due the the wind. It was hell.

To wrap up the day, we went for coffee at the mamak in Wangsa Maju, Barakath Noor. Had a cup of Nescafe Tarik and I went home feeling sleepy and exhausted..


  1. hehehehhe.ade gambo aku! hehehee :D

    1. hahahah tuh laa.. this post is dedicated to youuu.. tapi tuh laa.. aku ada gambar ko tuh je. sedih kan? dahh laa camera tak canggih. adeh laaa..


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