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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Kenji's Wedding @ Subang

Another wedding attended today. Kenji and Afzal's. This is actualy the reception on Afzal's side. Kenji's side was held last week at Empire Hotel, Subang. The food was the most delicious I've ever tasted for a wedding. The best part was they had grilled lamb on the menu! I think you guys can really guess how this hungry couple gobbled up everything :p

Instead of Nasi Beriyani or Nasi Minyak, they served Nasi Tomato. The dishes served are Rendang Daging (The best ever! But ene said the beef was quite tough), Ayam Percik (Superb!), Pajeri Nenas, Ayam Sambal, Acar Buah and Grilled Lamb! ene and I was so hungry that time, we took quite a plate full of food. I know people were talking about us, but what the heck. I want to enjoy the food. Not to please people (luckily ene took more than I did. Siap dengan tulang kambing sekali!). I managed to grab the tissue from the caterer (their name was printed on the tissue) to keep them as my option. They are called Manisa Katering.

After we've done eating (yess.. very satisfying.. burrp.. oopps.), me and ene went to see the bride and groom to express our warm wishes and to get going. Oh.. forgot to mention, met Buyo, Rozie and Farah along the way as well as Lily (Ajis and Ahaw's fling from Mesiniaga). =p

We left around 2.30pm. I changed my clothes in the car and off we went to the Mid Valley. We knew finding a parking lot would be hell since we used the Federal Highway to Subang and we can see the queue to the Mid Valley was overflowing to the Fed. But ene still wanted to go since he wanted to see the Property Exhibition that was going on there.

We were right at the junction before entering the Mid Valley Boulevard. There was a way to Zone A. Contemplating whether to go in or not, we decided to go since we had nothing to lose. We knew it would be like about half an hour before we could get in the carpark only. And another half an hour to find a spot.

Luck was on our side, we got a spot in less than 10 minutes. Yeay! =p

So, we went to the Property Expo. All the houses are so expensive nowadays. Sigh.. ene was so devastated looking at the price of the houses. Tried to comfort him up telling him there might be a nice house for us somewhere else.. there is.. but not now.

So, we went for jalan-jalan as usual looking for our hantaran things. Frankly speaking, I was getting bored looking for hantaran stuff since that was what we have been doing since the past three weeks. It's not the searching process that made me bored. It's the collections. Because the season hasn't changed yet. So, no matter which mall we went, the collections are just the same.

Went for coffee at Starbucks to relax and chill and discuss. We decided to put a stop to hantaran searching for a while until the next season change, say Chinese New Year sale.. there might be more new collections to come.

Around 5.00pm, we decided to go home since tomorrow is a workday. We were still full from our hearty lunch and creamy Starbucks coffee, so I bought two rolls of Crispy Popiah and he bought a box of Tako. The popiah was so heavenly, so did the Chicken and Cheese Tako. We ate in the car since it was already 9.00pm. I got home around 10.00pm.

Sister's Crispy Popiah RM3.00 Each

Tako Tao's Chicken n' Cheese RM4.90 For 3

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