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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Ili's Wedding @ PERMATA

A starting to notice that my blog entries are all about my weekends. My whole busy weekends. Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, Sunday and sometimes Monday since there are many public holidays that fall on Mondays.

December is the month of Celebration of Love. Went to Ili's wedding today. Didn't take any pictures with my phone camera. Took only with the professional photographers. Will upload it once Ili has uploaded it on Facebook. The wedding is taken place at Pusat Latihan Petronas (PERMATA), Bangi. Didn't know this place exists. The hall is not that big, but nice. Ceiling is quite low unlike the Integriti's hall that is high-rise. Carperted.

The food is well organised with three buffet lines. The menu was superb. Daging Rendang, Ayam Tandoori, Pajeri Nenas, Telur Kerutup and Papadom. Desserts were watermelon, honey dew, green guava and assam powder. Drinks were plain water and Kiwi Juice. There was a coffee corner as well, consisted of some nyonya kueh like popiah sambal and some kueh talams I don't know the name of. Overall the place is superb. Should consider the place if we were to do two-side reception. (I really hope we'll be doing only one reception. Two receptions are way too much for me to handle :| ).

We stayed back until it was 3.30pm. Met Elis, Yeen, Fatin and friends. Then we headed back to Seri Kembangan. Chatted for a while at Papparich over a big glass of coffee (our usual stuff to do), discussing about how our wedding would be. He sent me home around 5.00pm and he went home. He's having another relative's wedding at MECC tonight. Looks like a grand one..

Around 8.30pm after dinner, Azila, Mama and I went to Valencia to see some furniture to get some ideas of how to decorate the house for my engagement. It'll cost quite a fortune to change my modest living room to a nice cozy one. And where should I get the money? Sigh..

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