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Saturday, 24 December 2011

The 32nd Anniversary!

 It's Saturday!

And it's a day before Christmas. And no.. I don't celebrate Christmas. It's just that a just love to see the season's decorations and celebration. It's just so lively. And lovely. However you want to see it. I just love the red and green colors associated with Christmas. You're gonna see this two colours everywhere you go especially at the malls. They usually put up really big Christmas trees full with colorful and shiny ornaments. Maybe that's why Christmas have been such a warm and wonderful celebration.

Above all that, there's another more important celebration going on at home. It Mama & Abah 32nd Wedding Anniversary! Can you believe it? 32nd.. Such a long time, honey. I wonder how they can hold it for such a long period. A really hope my marriage will be as strong as their's, right ene? :)

Happy 32nd Anniversary, Mama & Abah. I wish you the best health and may you enjoy your anniversary more than the years before. Love you. :)

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