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Monday, 30 May 2011

Engagement Update: Hantaran (Fruit Tartlets!)

Amy brought something for us today. Mini fruit tartlets! Her sister made it katanya. We were so excited to see it since it was so cute looking tartlets. But then.. it was actually some kind like of an iklan actually.. She told us while smiling, "Kakak Amy buat ni. Satu kotak RM25. Nanti kalau nak order, bagitau la eh.", right after putting the box on the table. We were like.. Amy.. Amy.. just being herself =|

Anyways.. this is what it looks like:

RM25 per box

Cute, right?
 They look nice, aren't they? Come to think about it.. it would be such a pretty hantaran to ene, right? =) I meant, with all these craze about cuppies and maracons, these tartlets aren't that shabby, huh? We can even choose the kind of fruits we want to top the tartlets. And it's delicious, too!

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