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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Beriyani Gam Johor

Meeting ene as usual after his futsal session. He was hungry. Not saying I was, but I can eat. I can always eat.. He wanted to have mutton beriyani so we went to Beriyani Gam Johor nearby my place. Read the review here.

A beriyani rice dish originating from India with a cooking method very similar to Hyderabad beriyani but with spices adjusted to suit the Malay palate. This dish is very popular in Batu Pahat District in the state of Johor.

This is one place I couldn't refrain myself from ordering. The beriyani is so good. It usually served with a small bowl of dhal, acar (shredded cucumber, pineapples and red chilli) and your choice of dish. There are a lot of dishes you can choose to go with your beriyani, Ayam Masak Merah (Chicken cooked in spicy red gravy), Ayam Goreng Berampah (Spicy Fried Chicken), Kambing Kuzi (Stewed Mutton) and as well as beef.

Beriyani with Kambing Kuzi RM16.00

As I was about to order Beriyani Kambing as what ene has ordered, I then saw something.

Nasi Ambeng RM7.00
Nasi Ambeng! OMG.. I have never known there is Nasi Ambeng here. I've been looking high and low for this. And it was really satisfying, peeps!

For those who doesn't know what a Nasi Ambang is, it consists of white rice served with a lot of other tasty dishes on the side. My dish consists of Kerabu Taugeh (raw beansprout mixed with shredded coconut and ceylon leaves), Sambal Serunding Kelapa (spicy shredded coconut), Ayam Masak Kicap (chicken cooked in thick soy sauce), Sambal Tempe (spicy fried soybean cake), Mee Goreng (fried noodles), Sambal Belacan (chili with shrimp paste) and Ikan Kering (fried salted dried fish). I really can't explain how the taste is like. It was simply gastronomic! So many taste in one plate.

Nasi Ambang or some people called it ambeng is a Javanese rice dish generally made up of spiced/fried/gravy chicken, chilli paste, serunding (Malaysian meat floss), vermicelli, tempe (Indonesian fermented soybean cake) and salted fish. It is really popular in Johor and not that common in KL. There are a lot of different ways of Nasi Ambeng is prepared. Here are some of them. Visit the pages if you need more info. Enjoy!

Taken from Makan Oh Makan

Taken from Polytikus

Taken from Riverstone Eco Resort

Taken from Tot Cupcakes

Take from Kisah Kasih Shila

Taken from Cumi dan Ciki

Taken from masak-masak

Taken from Ajmal

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