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Sunday, 8 May 2011


It's still not her birthday yet. But I was thinking to buy her an advance birthday cake today since everybody else is at home home (Abang came today) so we can celebrate. But, while on the way back from a modelling job, I saw a stall selling Durians. Then, I strucked me. She told me before she really wanted to eat Durians. The season is here, by the way.

"Ma, I'm thinking to buy you a birthday cake. For and advance celebration. But.. would you rather like Durians over a birthday cake?"
"Wow.. mestilah Durian!"

D24 and Udang Merah

 Total damage was about RM110. Oh well.. sekali-sekala for my dear Mama. Love the D24. The flesh was so thick. You'll be full after a third one. Udang Merah wasn't so much my thing. The taste was quite dull to me.

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