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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Ayam Tergolek Dalam Kuali

It's Saturday again. Feeling kinda bored at home. Mama is home. Feeling lazy to go to work, katanya. Oh well.. let's just watch tv..

That was before mama dragged me to the kitchen.
"Jum try buat ayam golek nak? I got this new recipe from Chef God-Knows-Who, " she said.
"Huh? nak golek ayam tuh katne, Ma?"
"Haa.. dalam kuali laa.." she said with a grin.

Oh well.. whatever makes you happy, Ma.

Ayam Tergolek dalam kuali

After like what seems forever, the so-called ayam golek is done. Well, as you can see, it still has the moisture of the marinate sauce in it and it is not as dry as the real ayam golek. This is because you won't get that kind of dry ayam golek with a wok. Otherwise, your chicken will be burnt. Asked Mama to grilled it a bit more in the microwave in order to make it drier, she said, "Ala.. tak payah laa.. This should be delicious punya."

And yess.. it turned out to be super. 

I love you, Ma.

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