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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Siemens Run 2011

Signed up for this run quite late than other runners. I didn't sign up earlier because I was afraid it was clashing with my Paris trip. It was supposed to be on held on the 10th July 2011. But it turned out that the run was postponed due the the gathering of Bersih 2.0. They couldn't do it since the place where the run is to be held, Dataran Merdeka, will be affected in the road closures.

So, they postponed it to 25th September 2011, and guess what? They re-opened the registration! I didn't take any minute longer to register. Forwaded my registration to Wan Panjang and ene, invited them to join me. ene couldn't register since he is scheduled to start his very first semester of Master Degree this month.Wan Panjang did register eventhough he doesn't know if he will be working or not that weekend. It turned out that he is indeed on leave today :)

The 10KM Route
Didi sent me to Wan Panjang's house around 6.30am. Then dropped us at the Dataran Merdeka. The race started at 7.30am according to the clock on the Sultan Abdul Samad's clock tower. The race was a 10KM race. I haven't had my training for quite sometimes and I clocked 01:28:11. I ranked #393 out of 702 in my category. Bad, I know. Wan Panjang clocked 01:03:47 and ranked #401 out of 1194 in his category. Not bad, huh? :)

At The Starting Line (Pic Stolen From
Didn't snap a lot of pictures though since I didn't bring my camera. But met Syukri the photographer so he snapped a pic of me while I was running to the finishing line.

Thank You For This, Syuk! :)
Met some familiar faces as well.. Rose and her husband, Fauze. So sweet, running together :) Then met some facebook's running friends and then Zeff. Zeff took a picture of him and Wan Panjang after the race. Oh not forgetting to mention, the morning was so humid that morning due to heavy haze. I was like suffocating while running. Here's the picture:

Zeff and Wan Panjang
The goodies bag contained a big carton of fruit juice, some bread and bananas. I didn't get the medal as it was limited to the first 150 runner only. Didi picked us up and we left around 10.30am.

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