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Monday, 31 October 2011

PJ Half Marathon, Stadium MBPJ

Another half marathon done! Yippeee! =p

This run has been listed as my 4th half marathon since I started running since the year 2009. Quite an achievement, huh? =p But, I must say that I am not as fast runner as the Kenyans. Still, I feel I have the pleasure to run not focusing on speed, but on the mileage itself. It feels so good, seeing the finishing line even though when you glare at your watch, your timing is almost 3 hours. I don't mind that =)

Didn't take any pictures at the event (agak menyesal) as I was running alone in this event (even though I know some of the runners I know was participating). I don't wanna look like a crazy camwhore snapping and posing along in front of the camera.

So.. these two are the only pictures I took so that I can remember this event by..

The goodies. Not bad, huh?

The goodies aren't that shabby after all.. it's been a while since I got these kinda lotsa goodies like this. The dri-fit t-shirt is nice. I love it (even though there was no finisher's t-shirt). Others stuff are Perskindol cool gel, Watsons wet tissues, Active Guard sample body wash, Salonpas koyok for body, Woods flu drink, Some tissues, vouchers of Bizzy Body and some muscle-building clinic, kacang Ngan Yin, soya bean and chrysanthemum tea. And of course the last three items were not seen in the picture because abah already telan everything while I was rearranging those things..

The Finisher's Medal
 Yup.. i got it! =) It is said in the website, there were only 200 medals available for my category. I thought.. 'Oh well.. let's just run. I don't need medals for motivation. Medal or no medal.. I'm still running.' And when I saw there were still medals available for finishers, my heart leaped with joy (not sure if I leaped along, but I can feel my feet was not on the ground flying to catch the remaining medal). =p

Result from
Look at that. My timing is really bad, huh. Hehe.. don't really mind though.. I'm happy when I'm running. I run to eat. I run to look good. I run to lose weight. That's what most important for me..

Here is what the certificate looks like.

The Online Certificate

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