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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Liyana's Wedding @ Pusat Komunit Bukit Damansara

Liyana got married today. Cepat betul diorang plan. :) At first, when she said she's planning to get married, I thought to myself, Ooo.. lama lagi la tuu.. nak simpan duit lagi, nak tunang lagi, nak beli barang lagi, bla bla bla lagi. Lagipun, just like me laa.. ene proposed my hand on marriage siap tak tau lagi bila dia boleh kahwin dengan aku. Not because he wasn't ready (he won't give me ring if he wasn't ready. He has never discussed about marriage before, not once), just that his elder brother is not married yet. He gave me the ring so that I know that he's serious with me. No play-play. Ingatkan dalam enam bulan ke.. rupa-rupanya one and the half year after that baru we started our plan to get married. Lama gila. Nasib baik laa aku ni penyabar orangnya. Menunggu gak buah yang tak jatuh-jatuh.

Back to Liyana's story, their reception was held at Pusat Komuniti Bukit Damansara. I just love the hall. It's a community hall, but it's really nice. Not like the usual community hall. This one is air-conditioned, carpeted and the walls are really decorated. Murah pulak tu, RM100/hour but without tables and chairs. Tables and chairs harga lain. They even let you choose what kind of tables and chairs you would like for your function. This hall would be in my top list when we search for halls for our reception. Checked!

Too bad, I didn't take any pictures with my phone camera. Azila did. But as usual, gambar tu, tahun depan pun belum tentu dapat. The food was extremely delicious. Maybe jugak sebab kitorang lapar. Dah laa sampai lambat. Poeple were already clearing up. I came with Azila. Kesian ene waited for us in the car at the carpark for one hour. So, being a great eater (dan lapar) we walloped everything to the last bit.

Planned to go to KLCC to meet up with ene's friends, Dol and Sri, the couple. We lepak at Starbuck's for a while then we met Ngah, Kee and their newborn, Noah at Chili's. We didn't order anything since we're still full from the kenduri. Diorang je order sebab tak makan lagi.

Fried Ubi Kayu For Appetizer. Sedap Gila!

Ngah ordered This - Chicken Quesadillas

After done, we headed straight back home since takde apa nak cari lagi dah.

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