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Friday, 21 September 2012

H&M is Here, Baby!!!

Opening on 22nd Sepember 2012!

Dear Fashionista! HEAR YE! HEAR YE!

I guess the news is out huh. Just wanted to refresh it here. H&M is having its grand opening tomorrow! Yep, tomorrow! H&M is finally in KL yo! Our very own Lot 10, KL! Excited pleaseee! :DDD

I've been waiting for quite some times for H&M to open its stores here. What took them so long?? Most of the best brands out there are here years already! H&M lambat gila. Awat entah.

But finally the long awaited brand will be here. Tomorrow! The news said they'll be carrying autumn/winter collection 2012 for the launching. Macam tau-tau je aku nak gi Hong Kong in winter nanti ekeke. But then, ene told me H&M is cheaper in Hong Kong compared to the MYR price stated in their website. Yeke? I know H&M is cheaper in Singapore though. But comparing Singapore to Paris, Paris is waaaay cheaper. Maybe sebab dah dekat dengan London? No idea. 

But Hong Kong, tak tau laa pulak rege nya cane. Tak pernah sampai. Ada sape-sape pernah sampai tak? If Hong Kong is cheaper, might as well I go shop for sweaters in Hong Kong je later, ye tak?

But I'll be going to Lot 10 as well this weekend. Dah tunggu-tunggu lama, tak pergi mana bule. Tengok gambar pun dah bule pengsan tak bangun-bangun. If I didn't shop pun, pergi compare price pun ok. Gila cheapskate ekeke. Jum! :D


  1. Zila..i've been to hong kong and HM there is definitely cheaper! love H&M..

    1. serious?? weee.. shop di sana sahaja nampaknya. thanks fy! :D

  2. babeeeee, kalau primark yg dtg msia,i akan gembira tahap gila gila! hahahaha...(ps: jgn le beli brg kt msia,mahal ya ampun. beg zara 9pound boleh jd rm170!!)

    1. primarkkkkk tolong laa datang mesia secepat mungkinnnn! huh 9pound je beg zara? gilossssssss


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