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Sunday, 17 June 2012


Haven't written anything because there is nothing new to update.

There is. But the pictures still not yet been transfered.

Engagement album is here. Went to see Ajis to pick it up. Love it! There was one big and heavy album, one framed 8R picture and the soft copy in the cd. Wanted to do a coverage about it. But so malas to transfer the picture from camera. Haish. Rajin sket iLa.

Met my dream wedding shoes already! Beige coloured lace! From Charles & Keith je. The signature label. So cantik! Remember the white lace stilettos RM139.90 that I really wanted to buy before but it went out of stock in just a week? This one is waaaay prettier than that! Hehe.. so tak menyesal sangat laa tak dapat beli heels lace putih ittew. But it is priced at RM239.90. Signature label laa katakan.. Was planning to buy it this coming weekend. ene asked to wait for sale. Aaahh.. tak mungkin! Kang habis lagi kang. Terkedu aku lagi. Tamo. Will get it this weekend. By hook or by crook. :D


  1. me want picturessssssss!!!!!..

    1. ekekekek sabar yeee. akan di hapdet di lain masa. minggu ni ada kemalasan sedikit hahahaha. cik kak, awak sangat cumel laa pakai tudung. congrats taww! :DD

  2. signature label cam mane tu ek??? lain ke dari C&K yang biasa?? beli C&K sekali je masa tunang aritue...tengok gmbr sket..kite pon tengah hunting kasut tuk nikah..tapi C&K byk yang tinggi2 la..

    1. Signature label tu dia macam up sket laa dari C&K biasa. biasanya signature label dia letak kat belakang2 sket. Sharz bule nampak nanti ada satu section tulis Charles & Keith in cursive. tengok kat sini:

      Kalau nak kasut, C&K biasa dia tulis font huruf besar biasa je kan. kalau signature label dia macam rupa sign sket. tulisan sambung hehe. pastu harga pun banyak beza jugak laa.

      gambar tade lagi laa Sharz. tak snap pun aritu. sabtu ni kita gi beli, kita snap snap snap k! :p a'a C&K memang banyak tinggi2. kalau nak ballet flats tak banyak. vincci banyak laa kan hehe


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