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Friday, 2 March 2012

Friday Night Run

Went running today.

Wanted to do at least 11km. Since Brooks Half Marathon is only a week away. Tapi tak kesampaian. We did the usual half loop from Perbadanan Putrajaya up to PICC. Memang plan nak naik PICC, tiba-tiba Yeen tak nak pulak. Adeh.. Then lepas tu terus malas. We finished our 5km run back to Perbadanan Putrajaya, then rested for a while, then pergi pasar malam. I've always love Putrajaya's night market. They have loads of interesting stuff especially food. Now, I can't stop thinking, whether or not I participate in Brooks. It's 21km and I don't get enough training and all I can think about is food!
We wanted to find something for dinner. But, before that, I wanted to jalan-jalan at the clothings area. Cantik-cantik baju dia. Geram. Tapi takde plan nak beli baju lagi. Then we passed through the shoes stall. OMG, I saw that really nice pump shoes. It was black and got some flowery ruffles at the front. Something that I've been looking for for quite sometime. Tanya price, RM23 je! Then bargain punya bargain, dapat laa RM21. Hehe.. very nice aunty. Yesss.. dah dapat kasut baru!

Then went to the food area. Dah jog rasa rugi pulak nak makan banyak. Wanted to buy only one food for me. No more. Either nasi kerabu or murtabak. Murtabak laa.. Nasi kerabu dah makan last week. Bought two. Yeen bought keropok lekor for herself.

Then, we went to the fruits area. Yeen wanted to buy some bananas. Me as well, tapi tengok pisang dia macam tak cantik je, lalu tak beli. Then I saw strawberries! Dua paket RM15. Murah, kan? Tengah pilih-pilih, abang tu cakap, amik tiga, RM20. Apa lagi. Yeen took one, I took two. Fuh. Pembaziran ke? I think not.

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