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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Yoga: Replacement Class

Today got yoga class! Woot woooot! Best gila. Sebab apa? Sebab this week ada two sessions of yoga class back-to-back!

Sepatutnya takde. Tapi ada this one day our yogini had to miss one class. So, she owed us a replacement. So, replace laa today. Yeayy! And tomorrow is our normal session. So, ada dua session laa this week. Yeayy!

A lot of new poses taught today. Love every single of it! I really like the way our yogini teaches the asanas. She mixes the simple and hard poses so you don't really realize that you're actually already doing the advance asanas. Hehe.. And most of them, aku boleh buat! Without fail! :D

I was supposed to meet ene after work. So Sorry, ene.. I've to cancel detink sebab I'm so addicted to yoga now. Tamo marah. Next week kita detink, eh eh? I lub lub yuhh! :D

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