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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Thursday In The Office

Bootcamp today, yeayy!

Tak sabar sangat. Dah laa semalam yoga cancelled. Geram betul. Today kena go all out! Mesti. Sebab dah makan donut and Vadey dengan banyaknya.

Hari ni ene's having an interview with Lina Wang regarding the Hong Kong's position. It's more like a friendly meeting kot since it's not really a formal interview. Just to meet up so that she gets to know both candidate and so that easier to pick the right guy for the position. She more or less wants to see their character. Tu yang ajak jumpa tu. As I'm writing this entry, ene is on his way to Menara Telekom for the meet up. I wish you the best yayang. Really hope you'll get the job. Ada excuse nak pergi jalan-jalan Hong Kong :p

Update on the furniture. Called Robin of Wescourt asking him weather they're keeping their words on sending the furniture this Saturday. Okay, good. He said yes. So, by tonight or tomorrow I need to settle all balance in order for them to send the furniture out. Phew. Settle hal bedroom. Meja makan pulak tak settle-settle lagi. Haihh.. Any idea where should I find good dining set?

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