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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Original Bootcamp: 5th Session (Tough One!)

Yesterday's bootcamp was tough. And I mean reaaaaaaally tough. We did all the squats and lunges and burpies and crunches and push-ups BUT with mock rifles acted as weights on our shoulde. Damn tired, I tell you. Not only that, we were required to do thos exercises longer than the usual. We also were punished to do hold squats for two minutes because two of us were late. Ergh. It was damn horrible session.

I even pulled out from the squad for a while as I can't hold it anymore. I didn't bring my water bottle so I couldn't have water break. Nak mintak orang, segan. So, tahan je laa. Not enough water while bootcamp-ing really takes a toll on me. Rasa nak collapse. Next time please please please remember to bring water, iLa. No exception. Hooyah!!!

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