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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fitness and You

Was working hard on my job when a colleague of mine forwarded this to me:

Eh Aku! :p

It's a brochure he made for his fitness training. Pakai gambar aku curi-curi! Kena bayar loyalty nih. Ahaha. He's working with AirAsia X as well but doing personal training at the same time. He's a qualified trainer sebab memang dia ada amik certs and stuff. Aku pun tak ingat dia cite hari tu. But I just love talking to him about fitness and health regime. He as a vast experienced about the best way to lose weight heathily. He's like Kevin Zahri to me. Echeh. Tak.. aku tak dapat commision pun. Saje nak kipas dia sebab dia banyak share macam-macam dengan aku.

Not just losing weight, being healthy and fit is important too, girls. Remember that. Don't just go starve yourself and be happy about it. Never do that. It affects your metabolism drastically. Not good at all. You eat and you exercise. You exercise and you burn the fat. Kan bagus macam tu. Tak gitu? :)

Yang gambar hitam putih tu is our colleague also. The handsome and funny Ben. Ekeke. Married ye. Just. ;p So, kalau ada sape-sape nak cari personal trainer untuk menguruskan badan dan memfitkan badan, bule laa cari dia. Call je. Lagi-lagi pompuan. Suka je dia melayan ahahaha :p

p/s: Rindu mau climbing semula :(


  1. Fitness and me? KELAUT!

    Eh btw congratulations nak tawen dah :) Happy ever after, insyaAllah!

    1. ekekekek.. sama laa i kadang2 pun kelaut jugak. biasanya mmg kelaut je laaa hahaha

      thanks beb! insya allah. by the way i sangat suka ur blog. asik jalan2 je!


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