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Monday, 27 February 2012

Chocolate Cake!

I'm on leave today.

Nothing much to do.. saje je amik cuti nak habiskan cuti last year. Ada lagi tiga hari ni. Need to finish it before April. Kalau tak.. burn. Mana boleh! :D

Been thinking to bake some cakes untuk orang-orang yang dok rajin tumpangkan aku. Kesian dorang dok tumpangkan aku, aku tak bayar apa pun. Nak bayar cane, bila bagi, dorang tak nak pulak. Haihh..

I wanted to use the usual Belgian Chocolate Cake Recipe, but I'm kinda bored of it. Plus, it needs to use real melted chocolate instead of cocoa. Budget takde laa banyak mana, kan? :p Intending to bake the cakes using cocoa instead of chocolate bar, I grabbed the recipe file from under the TV cabinet. Korek punya korek, found this recipe Mocha Chocolate Cake. It was supposed to have nescafe and coffee oil in the ingredient. But I omitted it since I don't really like the taste of coffee inside cakes. So, jadi laa just plain simple chocolate cake. The recipe even comes with chocolate ganache! Hehe.. apa lagi.. try la buat. At least, the cakes will look nicer with chocolate topping! :p

One For Ajis, One For Abang Kamal, One For Hawa and One For Eja! :D

I bought the aluminium loaf pan at Daiso (4 pieces for RM5). Ingatkan dah paling murah laa tu. Sekali bila pergi Hot Oven, they sell it cheaper! RM1.10 each. Haih.. rugi di situ. Takpe.

For them at home, I baked it in a bigger aluminium tray with a little twist. Been thinking what to put it for fun, I cut some bananas and put it on top. Then garnish it with some chocolate I found in the fridge. Hehe..

The Before Picture

Looks nice, right. The taste isn't that bad either. Takleh laa nak kalahkan Secret Recipe, tapi kira okay laa. I couldn't coat it with chocolate ganache since ingredient tak cukup pulak. Cukup untuk tiga loaf pan je. Haha.. tak reti budget laa..


Gambar telah dikekahkan. Hehehe.. tak sabar-sabar nak rasa. Sorry, blur sket. Damn you, camera phone.

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