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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Yoga: 3rd Class (Glad To Be Back)

Third yoga class for this month. It was supposed to be our fourth class. But, since I was away in Kota Bharu last week, I missed the original third class. Oh well.. Nak buat macam mana, kan? Layankan aje..

I'm really glad to join the class again. I couldn't really wait to come, actually. RIndu sangat nak stretch. Bukan tak boleh buat kat rumah. Tapi kalau buat kat rumah sorang-sorang tu, tak sama macam buat ramai-ramai kat class dengna kawna-kawan. So, basically, dah dua minggu aku tak buat yoga.

I was expecting I would be experiencing a little pain here and there sebab dah dua minggu tak stretch and flex. But, no. I didn't. I'm just enjoying the moves and poses. Tak rasa sakit sikit pun. I guess, I body has adapted to the asanas. I just love yoga! :D

Last two weeks right after bootcamp, I had a talk with Captain Dennis about yoga. I invited him to join yoga just in case he is interested. Tak sangka pulak dia datang. He came with sport shoes and didn't bring any yoga mat. Lupa sangat nak bagitau dia. Haihh.. sorry Captain. Luckily Roha had extra, so he used his.

But, I really didn't expect him to come. Kuat betul semangat dia. Eventhough he looked really suffered and in pain every time he did his poses. Kesian sangat tengok dia. Takpe, Captain. You'll do better next class.

More about basic yoga here.

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